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   Chapter 53 Ch eight(1)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 1480

Updated: 2019-11-17 03:51

The next days that came seemed as though nothing had happened. The air still smelled of blood, but everyone went on as usual. The nobles, on the other hand were tensed. They thought of the happenings of that day and wondered how Northern Lan will react. Sure enough, trade was stifled. As the traders of northern Lan cared not if their princess had slept with a dog. In their eyes, Juhntt was already receiving grace having her in their kingdom

r all others to follow. It soon became common for women of Northern Lan to be referred to as Lady mistresses.

No one was sure who composed that song and how it had spread so fast in just a few days. Things had become hostile between the two kingdoms and had gotten to a point of no return.

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