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   Chapter 51 Ch seven(4)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 5068

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The king stormed out of the throne room with his physician and some ministers in tow. Some officials hesitated before following the king, they already knew that if it had reached this point, the king must be mad with anger; and a show was about to begin. On their way, they noticed everything was as it should, maids were working, guards were guarding, everything was a little bit too al right. The appearance of the king making his way to the queen's palace with his ministers had turned the entire palace upside down. Everyone made way; especially with the look on his face, no one dared to block his way.

The king stormed into the queens palace and made his way to her chambers without stopping. Some of the officials wondered if the king was out of his mind leading everyone to his wife's chambers. They hesitated at the door until they heard the king bellow in rage.

"Slut!" the king shouted at the top of his voice, allowing the minsters an excuse to rush in. The sight before them was beyond their imagination. The queen was sandwiched between two heavily built naked men, who pounded into her at a regular rhythm. Even the well experienced men turned red. The three adulterers were stark naked.

If the king's bellow was not a good enough wake up call, then the sound of a crowd of people rushing in was a better one. The queen seemed to return to her senses quickly. The sight of the blushing men and her husband's enraged face made her rush to cover up.

"Guards, bring that slut!" the king shouted.

on that is hard to make. Now we have this, we can cure you!" everyone almost collapsed at the physicians words.

As if the queen's crimes were not enough, the evidence of trying to kill the king had to appear right on time. The king got up in silence and grabbed the queen by her hair as he started dragging her out of her chambers.

Chaos broke loose among the officials. The series of evidence had surely broken the king. They understood the king had lost his mind as they saw him drag her out. This was already a delicate matter for the royal family, they could not interfere. But they were some who begged the king to consider his actions. Exposing the queen to the open, was a disgrace upon their kingdom. The foreigners would laugh at them.

The king on the other hand, did not care. He dragged her out of her palace till his hand hurt. Only then did he ask the guards to carry her. The queen had long since gone quiet as she had fainted on the way. She did not dare to be awake to face such shame.

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