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   Chapter 50 Ch seven(3)

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"What?" Prince Thelmus stood abruptly. He understood what was going on; some faction wishes to get rid of his mother. They wanted to make sure that she does not get there to defend herself. Of all the people he wondered could have done this, his father; the king, never crossed his mind.

He must not appear before the court; it will seem suspicious, he thought. If this situation was unmanageable, it would not do him good to try and stop this proceeding. After all twenty years since his birth, his father was still to name him crown prince. He could not be rash. Still, his mother was his only supporter. He needed her in her position. This was also an attack aimed at him.

"Go and announce to the court that I have collapsed and am not breathing. Request for my royal father to come see me." he instructed her and she left in haste.

On the other side of the palace, Lady Raine stood. She was grandly dressed and sitting in the king's study, when a shadow suddenly appeared before her. She looked at her maid; Ria, garbed in black.

"My lady, the prince was informed by a maid about the proceedings. The prince instructed her to tell His Majesty that he is not breathing and His Majesty should visit." Ria said and her lady laughed.

"Brilliant." she said.

"I already had her stopped. She is now unconscious. If you had not ordered we spill no blood, she would have already been pouring ciere for her ancestors."

"The key to this plan is for the king to maintain his ignorance and by so doing, his innocence. He must not be suspected at all, or else Northern Lan can get the Religion react, placing a crime of framing the spouse on him. If the maid arrived and asked the king to go see his dying son and the king refuses as he wants to see the plan to the end, people will say he w

ministers began to shout.

"So, I should let you all continue at it? The evidence of your crime has been penned in black and white and you still dare to protest?! Fine. Minister of Justice, tell them their crime!" the king said bellowed in anger.

"Official Thrym; serving as an official in the Northern Lan royal court.

Official Orstu; sold military aid to Northern Lan without royal order....." Official Garret began to read the list. Those mentioned, paled.

"The evidence in your hand, do they support these claims, Minister of Justice?!" the king asked.

"Yes, Your Majesty." the old minister answer, wiping sweat off his brow. The entire court broke out in pleas.

"Mercy! Your Majesty, spare the young and old" some started to plead for their family's lives.

"Why is the queen not here? She must come and defend herself!" the king asked. He could already be seen shaking in anger.

"Your Majesty, I tried to invite the queen but was ordered away, I.. I..." a female maid stuttered while on her knees.

"Oh? So she takes this king's words as air? Guards, follow me! I will drag that woman out here even if I have to cut off her arms!" the king descended from the throne.

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