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   Chapter 49 Ch seven(2)

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The entire court officials had convened at the palace. They had been ban by the king from coming in for regular court except when invited, for a while now. That meant a lot of issues had to be decided on and resolved today. The king sat in a sickly yet bored manner. He seemed to sigh every time some thing was brought up.

"Any thing else to report?" the king said tiredly, as though he could not wait for them to leave. Seeing this, no one dared to talk. They thought it best to come back instead of angering him. That was when the minister for finance rose. He bowed to the king and let loose a worried expression.

"There is still something I need to report my king. I wish you grant me permission to do so." the elderly man said.

"Go ahead." the king sighed in a frustrated manner; yet unknown to all, he was excited for this part. This was the part he had been waiting for all day.

The minister immediately went on his knees before his peers causing some people to stiffen. Something as wrong here.

"My king, I deserve to be punished! I have sinned greatly!" the minister said.

"What have you done?" the king asked with a frown.

"Royal money has been misplaced and it was passed through my office to do so, I have failed, my king. I only discovered this recently." the minster said sorrowfully.

"What? What are you talking about?" the

by Official Ghuil's man of what was happening in the throne room. She rushed all the way only to be blocked.

"No one is allowed through to the queen's palace." the guard said. She froze; she knew something was wrong with this situation. Serving the queen as a personal maid, meant she was well educated; so, she walked away. But, her determination had not lessened. She changed direction towards the prince's palace; she was luckily not stopped.

She soon requested an audience and was granted. She walked in and did a full bow before the prince.

"Speak! You said mother was in danger. What is happening?" the prince asked.

"Your Highness, I was told by Official Ghuil's man that the minister of finance is presenting evidence before His Majesty against Her Majesty. He says I must get to her; but, guards have blocked the way. No one is allowed into her palace." she explained with her head down.

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