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   Chapter 48 Ch seven(1)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4135

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As the sun rose in the sky, many opened their windows and breathed in the fresh air. The weather was good, the air was crisp, even the animals sang a tune; there was no better a day, to settle scores.

Below the palace, royal guards and entrusted city guards waited. They were readily dressed in armour. They wondered why they were ordered so, but were not told.

On the other side of capital, figures passed by so fast, none could see or feel them. They were led by a girl garbed in black; this was Lady Raine's maid, Ria. Their destination was the palace.

Two nervous ministers dressed early. They had received summons for court and were ready hours before midday, when they were to convene. They sat in their empty house, waiting. They had been told exactly how to act in court and were ready. Only when they had done as asked, will their family be returned to them. It was a long wait till noon, yet very few felt it.

In the Palace, Lady Raine was having a light breakfast. Her chambers opened to present the royal physician. The old man was confused when he was summoned. If it were another, he would not reduce his person to answer the summon of mere court lady. But he had already been warned by the king that he must respe

y things will be exposed today. That way, your shock is much more real. Worry not, he may just help you take care of a problem. But, all that depends on him." she said with a blank expression.

"How many things should I be prepared for?"

"Just one more. When you summon the queen to come and defend herself, if she does not appear before you, you must make your way to her chambers with the entire court in tow. I have prepared a surprise for you." she said.


"Just remember, what ever you see, you must drag her yourself out of the palace. When the time comes, you will know."

"What are you planning?" he frowned.

"This may embarrass the royal family, but it will make a better excuse for why you remarry so fast. Worry not, my king; where I am sending her, she will never be able to crawl out of."

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