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   Chapter 47 Ch six(8)

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"You two must be fated. She always comes when you are here."

"She is the daughter of Blood Tyrant Jin Ke, thereby related to the Ligrel clan? Why is she a direct descendant wasting away in a first rate kingdom as a widow of a duke, instead of taking her place as a descendant of one of the Ancients?" Lady Raine asked; this bothered her. Many people forget who she is because she goes by the title, Lady Steinhouse. But she, who knows the important of the Ancients, understands they would never let their descendant marry that low.

"There are some secrets I can not tell." the king said with a sigh.

"Do not call for the cabinet meeting today. Tomorrow noon is best to do so." she said, ignoring his answer. The king went this far to make people forget who she is, it must be big. Besides, the Ligrel clan is one of the Ancients. Some knowledge are bad.

"Why midday?" he asked.

"You must take care of all scenarios. If there are Northern Lan spies; more than the ones we are aware of, you must make preparations for it. I have that covered. The Jade Hand will arrive tomorrow before noon." she said.

"Since when did you call them? How will they enter the capital without a pass? They could enter as merchants or travellers, but that would take time. Though it's faster as martial artists, they will alert the

now talking of Lady Steinhouse's actions; anticipating what the queen would do. A good show was brewing and they were all keeping their eyes and ears sharp, so not to miss it.

Mr. Mclears, on the other hand, was panicking in his study. His wife and two sons had vanished for two days now. After the wedding of Leah a few days ago, his wife and sons went out and never returned. Where were they? Already the wedding was very suspicious, as he had not heard of it till he was in the carriage going to the ceremony. He remembered his wife's response to his shock that, his twelve year old daughter was getting married off to a sick heir. "Remember I said you should let me handle this? Relax. You will soon see results." she had said. Thinking of the fact that she was out there solving his problem made him relax. Yes, he had made a good choice to marry her all those years ago.

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