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   Chapter 45 Ch six(6)

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The carriage had gone straight to the edge of the capital. The mother and daughter pair were confused at first, till all their confusions were cleared. There was only one destination at this point; the palace. They started feeling flustered.

"The palace? You should have just said you were going there." Old Lady Steinhouse said cautiously.

"Old Lady Steinhouse, you may have once been duchess of Steinhouse and travelled the entire ins of society and can still do so, because of your relation to me; yet you forget we are not the same." Lady Steinhouse answered after the carriage stopped at the gate. "Don't move this carriage!" she instructed the driver.

"Step down." she instructed the mother and daughter pair.

"What? Are you going to leave us at the gate? I'm your mother-in-law!" Old Lady Steinhouse protested.

"Guards!" Lady Steinhouse called and royal guards arrived. Old Lady Steinhouse could already feel the shame awaiting her when she steps down.

"Old Lady Steinhouse, step down!" she instructed.

"You still don't call me mother, yet I do nothing. Have you lost all your etiquette? I'm still your mother-in-law! What would society say about you?!" Old Lady Steinhouse fumed.

"I have worn the title Lady Steinhouse for so long, people seem to forget that this is a title beneath my visage. You addressed me with scorn, you dare to scold my person, you have the courage to call me shameless, and curse at me and my upbringing! Mother of my late husband or not, I am still Princess Helen, daughter of Princess Lithe and niece to the king, conferred the official title Princess Ja Ahn by H

teinhouse punished, in an excuse of teaching her niece restraint. After the king punished them again for his niece, the queen would say, the king does not think she has the qualifications to teach her niece. With this, the king had to hands off; so that the cabinet does not accuse him of over petting his niece, to the point that she forgets that the queen is the mother of the kingdom. If the queen acts on her habit and releases the Steinhouse ladies, it would be saying that she agreed with their insult to the royal family. Even if that could be overlooked, what about the Ligrel clan?

He could feel his life become more uncomfortable. As the one who arrests them, he would need to act as warden till he was asked to release them.

He ordered his men to take the two ladies away. The ladies did not protest and were cooperative.

"If anyone asks for their release, you must inform me immediately. This is an order from the king." Lady Steinhouse said, as she dropped the curtain and the carriage wheeled away. The guard swore he would never cover for any one again.

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