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   Chapter 44 Ch six(5)

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Arriving at the store, they made their way in. Lady Steinhouse smiled at the thought that she could get what ever she wanted because he got her a token. An attendant approached her.

"Are you here for a fitting or a new dress?" the attendant asked. She did not seem to recognize the ladies, so she just curtsied and asked politely. If she knew that this was the recently infamous Lady Steinhouse, she would have not believed it. The lady before her was very beautiful, her face was clean and her dress; though made from expensive cotton, was simple. Lady Steinhouse they knew, was one who knew nothing about fashion.

Madame D'huile was a slender woman in her mid thirties with godly skills in the craft of dresses. She walked out of the inner room and paused at the sight of Lady Steinhouse. She seemed almost gleeful at the sight of her; this was a person worthy of wearing her creations. She approached Lady Steinhouse in haste. Pushing to the side the attendant, she took over in attending to the guests.

"I am Madame D'huile. You, my dear, are a sight to behold. Care to introduce yourself?" she asked.

"Lady Steinhouse." Lady Steinhouse answered and the woman paused. Looking at her simple dress and the glow in her eyes, she nodded. This was a woman in love. Probably this new found love has cleared her eyes, allowing her tastes in fashion to transcend to the mortal world.

"I don't remember giving you a token dear, but never mind. Let's deal with that later. First, I need to take your measurements." Madam D'huile said.

"Oh. I do have a token." she handed her token to the woman and the woman looked at it before calling for the records. She saw the token was registered under a man's name and smiled.

"I see. This gentleman specifically got this recently. I never thought it would land in your hands." Madame D'huile said and Lady Steinhouse blushed a deep red. Her shy appearance, if nothing, confirmed the rumours that had taken over the entire capital. The few women listening by the side almost had their eyes pop from their sockets at the thought.

The rumour has been confirmed!

The days that passed were in itself, terribly quiet. One would not know that a storm was brewing. Even skilled noses could not smell it in the air. Everyone went on as usual. Walter barely left home, except for times he helped Lady Steinhouse with her plot

was her standard that is used to decide the basis for social ethics. With her feud with the queen, she was respected as the king's niece, but avoided by most.

"Get this thing out of my face." she said and the guard pushed The Steinhouse spinster away.

In anger, Old Lady Steinhouse asked out loud, "Why would you go that far? Even though you were not invited, we can always take you with us. This carriage is big enough for all of us."

"If you have time to go have tea, then do so, don't think everybody is as free as you. We are not going the same way, so stop shouting like a mad woman." Lady Steinhouse said very slowly. She was in a good mood and could not seem to muster anger towards these women.

"Where are you going then? Your peers are having a gathering and you are going somewhere else?" Old Lady Steinhouse asked loudly. This ungrateful girl! She was going to deal with her whether she liked it or not.

"Probably to see that lover of hers." The Steinhouse spinster sneered.

"You go out at night to meet this person no matter how we reprimand you. Shameless woman! As you have learnt nothing from us at all since joining our family, did you bring this attitude with you when marrying my son? Meeting a lover in day time? No matter where you are going, we will see today! If you are not going to meet him, then you have no reason to not let us tag along!" Old Lady Steinhouse said and stormed into the carriage with her daughter in tow.

Lady Steinhouse smiled coldly and stopped the guards from blocking them. With a smile, she entered the carriage.

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