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   Chapter 43 Ch six(4)

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Lady Steinhouse had just reached her chambers, when she received a package from her maid. She trusted her staff. She had picked them out after serious background checks. She made sure they would never betray her, as such everything inside the mansion was sealed air tight. It made the other households frustrated; as their maids could not bring back information from her household, because her maids were as silent as secret agents. Receiving the letter, she was sure it had not been opened.

"A servant boy said to be from the Krain estate said he was asked by his young master to deliver this." hearing the word, Krain, she sat up straight. Her maid handed her the package suspiciously. Lady Steinhouse saw the tokens and knew what they were immediately, as she was a lady of society and every lady yearned to have one of these tokens.

Only very few were handed out each year and she did not have one as it took great backing and money to get it. Though she was the king's niece, she was without a mother and did not know much about dressing. Her style had made the two stores to blacklist her. Every time she requested for one, she was refused. T

riage moved.

"Where are you stopping?" she finally asked her sister-in-law, when they had gone a distance, "You may be going my way."

"I doubt that." Lady Steinhouse said calmly.

"Where too, then?" The Steinhouse spinster smiled as though she was sure where ever the Lady Steinhouse was going, she could go too.

"Madame D'huile." she answered and The Steinhouse spinster's smile froze.

"Are you going that way too?" Lady Steinhouse smirked.

"I've always wanted to see the great Madam D'huile. Since you are going there, let's go together." The Steinhouse spinster smiled.

"Why should I take you? Do you think you can just go any where? Fine. Since you want to embarrass yourself, I will not stop you." Lady Steinhouse smirked and looked away.

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