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   Chapter 42 Ch six(3)

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Lady Steinhouse waited in the sitting room, a frown veiled her beautiful face. The door opened and an elderly lady walked in slowly. Lady Steinhouse needed not look up to see who it was, as her frown was replaced with an indifferent mask.

"You won't even welcome me into my own home?" the elderly voice croaked a sneer. Lady Steinhouse made no sound nor did she look up. She only got to look at the aged face when the elderly lady sat in front of her. It has been years since she saw this old woman and the years had not favoured her.

"Have you no shame? I may not live in this house with you, but I am still in the city! How dare you go around town with a lover, rubbing my son's face in the mud that way?!" the elderly lady scolded.

"So what? Your son is dead and his entire property is mine. I can do what ever I want." Lady Steinhouse said carelessly.

"You can't say that, sister in law!" a young lady' scolded from the door. Lady Steinhouse needed not look to know who it was. She should have known that bad things come in pairs. The young lady walked in and sat without invitation. Her face; though young, would be considered an old maid in society, as she looked in her mid thirties even though she was in her early twenties; the same age as Lady Steinhouse.

"My brother left you all his property and we did not fight you for it, yet you still could not respect him in death? You dragged the family's name through the mud!" the young lady scolded.

Though many ignored the fact that there were in actuality, four Lady Steinhouses, the elderly woman was referred to as Old Lady Steinhouse and the younger as Lady Steinhouse, but this was true only in her face. She is not welcomed much in society, as a lot of people knew that the Lady Steinhouse who was the king's niece, did not like them much; thus, no one truly wanted to offend her. Coupled with the fact that Lady Steinhouse had royal backing and was much more popular than her, the lady soon was referred to as, the Steinhouse spinster.

"Worry not, Lilly; She has stayed unmonitored for long, but that will end today. From now on, we will live here to check her attitude. Or else, who knows what else she will do to shame our name?" Old Lady Steinhouse said.

Lady Steinhouse sneered at their words. She knew they had been waiting for such an o

n fit of laughter.

"You misunderstand. My crisis was averted the moment I was married. I could have the king decree a divorce but doing that means he can now force me into a marriage he always wanted. This title is just convenient. I have enjoyed freedom and have no intention of giving it up. You, on the other hand, still have your lives in my hands. I still hold evidence of your grandson's deeds. If I am divorced from your family, the king has no more reason to hide it. What do you think would happen to you all if I were to leave?" Lady Steinhouse laughed.

Humph. She almost got suppressed by this walking corpse, Lady Steinhouse snorted inwardly. The old lady may have known about the arrangement between she and her grandson, but she still did not understand that she was still in danger. This title was her shield, and not a very good one too. In fact, before the eyes of those who wished her harm, this shield is like going into a sword fight with a kitchen knife. Only she and the king know of her predicament. Did this woman think she could suppress her with such little knowledge?

Lady Steinhouse could see that they believed her words and was gratified. She stood and made to leave, before pausing at the door.

She looked back dangerously and dropped a warning, "Don't think I do not know of your connections to Grand Lady Dockstorm. You best play your cards right; the queen is not the one holding your lives in her hands. You best not provoke me to make sure you join your grandson in his grave." before she walked away.

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