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   Chapter 41 Ch six(2)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 2554

Updated: 2019-11-17 03:34

Walter had an ordinary morning. He had taken breakfast before handing his mother money to take his sister shopping. His mother stared at the gold and her smile deepened. She intended to shop in the heart of the city and was happy she had received a lot of gold. Walter was not sure why he had given her that much. He still felt bothered by the lady's attitude the night before so, when is mother brought up the topic, he just handed it to her.

If his worries were not compound enough; by midday, Her Lady ship's maid Shilla, made an appearance. He received her in one of the sitting rooms. Asking her to sit, but he was declined.

"No need to bother, sir, my lady asked I deliver this." she handed an envelope and a large pouch to him. He looked inside and saw

bad feeling about this. Lady Steinhouse's attitude lately; he buying her clothes and jewellery, was that not an open invitation? Walter called over a servant and wrote down Lady Steinhouse's address. He handed the tokens in the envelope to the servant and asked him to deliver it. Writing a short note, he told the boy to deliver to Lady Steinhouse. Shilla pretended she did not see his action and left. She did not think he would respond that way, but for him to be wary, meant her lady's plan held water.

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