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   Chapter 40 Ch six(1)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4302

Updated: 2019-11-17 03:30

The next day, shocking news quaked noble society as it echoed through tea parties and luncheons, deep into the night; Lady Steinhouse had a lover.

Tea rooms were buzzing with this interesting news; they had not had something this juicy in a while. People who would not usually accept invitations to tea were accepting; the women of society took joy in talking about this. Soon, Old Lady Trent whose window looked into the Steinhouse front yard, invited her guests for tea and shared how she had seen Lady Steinhouse leave the house at night and return that morning wearing a man's coat. The topic was hot.

As though one scandal was not enough, news soon spread that the Mclears are marrying their daughter to the heir of Longstrum; the wedding would take place the next day. The rushed marriage made a lot of people imagine things. What could have possibly happened? Most people talked of how pitifully young the bride was and how it was not right. But they soon stopped talking when they discovered the groom was the heir of Longstrum, who has been sick since birth; there were rumours that he may not live till his mids. As such, giving him a wife so early, was for the best. But where could the Longstrums find a lady of society ready to marry someone so sick? Especially given the

ooking at the lady's blushing face, confirmed her thoughts.

"My lady, you can not do this! If you start this, it may get out of hand!" the maid said in panic.

"Lizzy! What am I starting? Don't sprout rubbish!" Lady Steinhouse rebuked strongly, but the blush on her face did not allow the maid to take her seriously.

"My lady, if the gentleman is any of virtue, he would come and take your hand as his wife first. You must make sure he comes and marries you soon, before your reputation is destroyed! My lady, this is a scandal!" the maid said.

"Marry me? don't sprout rubbish! Get out!" the lady's face turned a deep red.

"My lady.." the maid continued.

"Get out.!" Lady Steinhouse scolded and the maid hurried away. Lady Steinhouse seemed to have tuned a redder than a tomato. The word 'Marry' spun in her head, giving her wid thoughts.

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