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   Chapter 39 Ch five(8)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4204

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Walking out of the shed, Walter breathed in the cool air in with frown. That worked out a little too well. When did he get proficient in the art of blackmail? Lady Steinhouse walked slowly and stood beside Walter. A lot of questions ran through her mind. How did Walter know of the king's Plan? Does he know all this was arranged by the king? Sensing that she had questions, Walter cut to the chase.

"There is not much the lady does not know in this kingdom." Walter explained.

"She is someone held in high esteem and certainly, all times, held in fear. Even though I don't understand why, I guess I should not be too surprised." she said and he turned to face her. Though it was dark, she could still make out the outline of his face in the her mind.

"Thank you for your help. Lady Wickshire, what are her true intentions? I wonder sometimes." Lady Steinhouse said.

"It's best you stop wondering." Walter said.

"You then, you have never introduced yourself. I don't know much, safe the fact that you work for Lady Wickshire." she said.

"I have introduced myself before." he said.

"You only said you were called Walter, nothing else. I want to know where you live, what you do..." she started to ramble on.

"Why do you want to know this

to you." he said.

"Then, how do I contact you when I'm done?" she asked.

"Send a token to the Krain estate in the Brim countryside, south of the capital, with my name and I'll come to you. Never come yourself." he answered. He did not want to tell her at first, but he told her, if it would get her to let him go any faster. Seeing as she still hugged his waist, he frowned.

"Why are you not letting go?" he asked.

"It's cold." she mumbled, but Walter had had enough. He forcefully unwrapped her had around him and turned to face her.

"Next time, don't wear something so thin on such a cold night." he said as he took of his coat and placed it over her before turning to leave. Seeing him leave, she smiled. She could smell him on the coat and the warmth of his body had yet to dissipate, making her snuggle into the coat.

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