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   Chapter 37 Ch five(6)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4572

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Walter made his way to the metal shed as agreed. The night was cold, making him grateful he had dressed the part; an indication that the windy quarter was near. As the windy quarter was the shortest of all; lasting at most a few weeks, the white cold was not far behind. He was not sure why she had chosen this location and he truly did not care. The guard watching out saw him arrive and let him pass. Taking a closer look, he noticed the guard was familiar, answering the question of how he was recognized that easily. He was led towards the lady who stood by the corner waiting. She was wearing a simple grey satin gown; though thick and heavy, it did nothing to guard from the cold air. Seeing Walter's figure approach, she unconsciously smiled. For some reason, she could recognize his form and could tell the coming figure was Walter.

"You came." she said.

"Mn" Walter nodded. Without wasting time, she led them into the inner room. The abandoned building was dark, safe the lanterns carried by the guards as they led the way. Entering the room, Walter felt the shift of darkness to brightness sharply, as the inner room was brightly lit. At the centre, was an elderly man tied to a chair. Looking around, Walter took a seat by the side and watch what the lady intended to do.

Seeing as Walter taking a step back, she was slightly disappointed; as she was h

omething I will be presenting before the king soon. What do you say for yourself?" Lady Steinhouse asked.

The minister paused. Evidence? He understood what she was talking about. But did she think it was wise to go against the queen?

"Lady Steinhouse, I will warn you as an elder. You best not interfere with things beyond you. You will not like how it ends." he said gravely. The lady frowned at his words. He still wanted to threaten her? Did he not understand that he was the one sitting in the chair? She was not sure how to go about this. She glanced at Walter sitting in the corner and bit her lip. She could not ask him fr help because she would have to explain the king's plan. Her pause caused the minister to feel glad. He viewed Lady Steinhouse as a novice and woman of society that knows not her left from right in the world of men, as opposed to the right tea set to display in her tea room.

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