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   Chapter 36 Ch five(5)

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Walter had headed back home, awaiting night. He was unsure why he had offered to help her, but when he returned, he was sure it was the right decision. Lady Wickshire had instructed him to help Lady Steinhouse with whatever she wanted and he could not seem to fit in with the idle lifestyle at home. He returned that afternoon, with nothing to do. Only a few hours in and he had had enough of the lifestyle. His mother on the other hand, was having a filled day. She could finally talk with educated women. Though they were not nobility, they had a high standing in the countryside. Especially after she had accidentally made it known that her son circles nobility. It was a risk she had taken, even though she knew her son never talked about work and she did not have the stomach to ask. Something about his silence made every other person avoid the topic. She wondered if he would scold her when he returned, but he did not. She had waited around all day after sending off all of her guest, yet he had not approached her.

She took a cup of tea to his room and knocked.

"Enter." she heard him say and her breathe stifled. This was her son; when had she begun to be wary of his fury? Taking in deep breathes, she entered.

"Walter, it is mother." she smiled gently as she approached his bed. He was lying down with eyes closed, so she put down the tray beside his bed.

"I brought you some tea. I had some sampled from the local store around. It's really good." she said.

"Thanks, Ma." he answered.

"You are not allowed to call me that. I may have let such unsophisticated speech pass back in the village, but I will not anymore." she cautioned him. Only then did he open

ad bought from that Barney when he delivered to him information about the Townsdale land while investigating the Mclears.

Honestly, he had enough money to give his mother to go wild in the city. But he had a feeling that he should not over indulge her. She may come to love this life style a little too much and it would take a few months before they could comfortably start using money from the farms. He understood his father was taking time to understand the villagers, the work done so far, making repairs and preparing for the harvest season arriving the next week. Added to the fact that he had to get the stock sold before the white cold arrives, His father's plate was full. He was contemplating helping out, But he understood that he could only do so when he was not on orders.

Orders. That sent chills down his spine. The lady was very vague the last time she talked to him; he was not sure what she wanted him to do. All he was told was to help Lady Steinhouse out. Walter shook away the thoughts and got up to change. Wearing a heavy coat to keep him warm, he rode out of the estate under the cover of night.

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