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   Chapter 35 Ch five(4)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 2607

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Shilla walked into Lucy's room and curtsied to Lucy, who seemed engrossed in a book.

"What is it?" Lucy asked. She had instructed all the maids to leave while she relaxed. Shilla coming in when the others had left, was not without cause.

"I had done as you asked and told a maid in Lady Fontaine household, that Lady Steinhouse had a man. I heard that Lady Fontaine had rushed to go join the tea session Lady Steinhouse was holding." Shilla reported. She was confused why her Lady had asked her to do this.

"Lady Fontaine is the core of all rumours in the capital. She knows all that is to be known behind closed doors. She is also one to spread gossip quite well. A woman of society that can not keep her mouth silent is not one that can walk with head high amongst

the once saying it. Sometimes, it is good for the ones talked about. When you want to put an idea in someone's head, it's the best way to go about it."

"So, my lady intends her to find a man. The rumours may influence her to see someone she may have liked in a deeper light?" Shilla asked.

"Lady Steinhouse has only been known to talk or relate with three lords; all of whom, she grew up with. A new person hanging around is like dangling sweet before a child. This lady has offered her a man." Lucy chuckled.

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