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   Chapter 34 Ch five(3)

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After breakfast, Walter sat in the sitting room doing some light reading, till Lord Morge and Lord of Merve made an appearance. Walter led them to his study were he told them what the lady had told him last night.

The two men sat solemnly. This was news. Especially for them as they did a lot of business with Northern Lan. These were made fluid by the fact that their queen is a Northern Lan Princess. Business wise, it would be a disaster for those investing at the moment. When this happens, there will be tons of losses. They sighed; good thing they know now before they went too deep. The money invested at the moment is nothing compared to the loss they would gain if they did not know of this and had invested more.

Walter and the two lords made their way down stairs only to be greeted by a few women and their wards their mother had befriended. Walter sighed; it seems his mother is really integrating into this life style. She was hosting brunch for her new peers in only a few days of entering this life style. The women and their wards were moving to the garden, which Walter did not even know they had, when Walter and his guests had descended.

The two lords raised a brow for a second as they made their way down.

"My lords, I was not aware you were around. Walter, are you leaving so soon?" Walter's mother curtsied before asking Walter. Seeing as she curtsied, her guests scramble to do the same.

The lords and Walter felt their mouths twitch. As if any one would believe you did not know they were around? The lords seemed to feel it was too convenient that the ladies were just hanging around the stairs and had not been led to relax in the garden since they came in. Two sentences and she had made it known that they were nobility and her son associated with them.

"Mn. I will be back later." Walter answered before leaving with the two lords who nodded in reply before following Walter out.

"Your mother knows her way around society." Lord of Merve commented as they stepped outside.

"She is of noble birth; her father was Baron Townsdale." Walter sighed inwardly as he explained. The two men glanced at each other and remained silent, before entering their respective carriages. They had left, while Walter mounted a horse and rode

eemed to increase another level.

"What...." Walter started to say but decided to shut up. This was getting him no where. Why was she suddenly angry anyway? And what does this have to do with the dress she is wearing? Looking at her lowered head, he picked up her chin to look at him. Lady Steinhouse seemed to have lost he soul staring into his green eyes.

"What's wrong?" he finally asked.

"You should always tell a lady she looks good." she mumbled. Finally he got it. Couldn't she have just said that? Noticing their position, he put his hand down. Sighing inwardly, he wondered why he did something so stupid as to pick up her chin.

The lady hidden in the corner had turned red, as though she had witnessed something scandalous. She noticed as their voices lowered again, not allowing her to make out their words.

"Do you know how to deal with him when you have him?" Walter asked and she nodded.

"Where will you be and what time?" he asked.

"At the abandoned metal shed at Cisle way. A half clock turn before midnight." she answered.

"Okay, I'll be there." he said and turned to leave before he paused as though he had forgotten something.

"You look beautiful." he said before leaving. Lady Steinhouse turned red as she smiled at last.

The lady eavesdropping rushed to hide as she saw Walter turn to leave. She hid as he passed, angry she could not see his face. Looking back at the smiling Lady Steinhouse, she let loose a sly smile. She had information to share with the world.

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