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   Chapter 32 Ch five(1)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4923

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Night had descended and Walter had been waiting patiently. He had it all planned; he had informed the maid that had come to his residence on Her Ladyship's orders, that he had information to pass along. All he needed to do was wait for instructions. Just as he had thought; the maid, Shilla, had returned. She led him through a track by the west garden. There, the lady was waiting for him. She was dressed in a flowing dress that looked grey under moonlight, she had a large fur for a shawl, it draped around her shoulder, while some of it's length was cupped around her arm allowing the remaining fall to the grass. She looked positively regal.

"My lady" he said with a bow.

"You requested to meet? What is this information?" she asked.

"My lady, there were a few loose ends during the acquisition. Lady Steinhouse offered a hand of help. She had put two together about my work, as she had seen myself and the two lords the other day. She asked something in return. She wanted dirt on the minister of finance. She already knows the gold is with us as she had known of the Mclears lost fortune. It makes one suspect her motive as there is the matter of the extra gold. She wanted the minister of finance investigated. Lord Morge looked into it and found that the minister has his hands dirty in the queen's work." he explained. He wanted to elaborate when she stopped him.

"So, she wants permission whether she should act or not." Lucy commented.

"Yes, my lady,


"Do you think I would spend my time explaining this to you?" Lucy asked and Walter froze. He had a bad feeling about this.

"You have worked with the Lady Steinhouse once; you may have to work with her for a while." Lucy gave a soft chuckle and Walter frowned. Why did he have a bad premonition?

"You have grown Walter, from the small stable boy to the leader of a household in the country. That farm is no small investment and it is in your name. You must understand, this will come in handy right? There will come a time when this will be to your own good." Lucy smiled.

"Have I done wrong My Lady? You sound like it's my turn to plotted against." Walter shivered under her smiling gaze. Why did the moon light seem so bright tonight? Why did he feel as though he was stared down by a predator?

"No, you are one of mine. I will not plot against you, I will plot for you. This will probably be your reward for being good at your job." Lucy grinned sweetly.

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