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   Chapter 31 Ch four(9)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 3139

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Lady Raine made her way to her room with ease. She was very sour as the king was stronger than was expected, even at an age of fifty-four. Especially after he insisted to go another round in the study, when he caught her as their paths crossed. She had not thought that after they were done, Lady Steinhouse would appear. Still, he did not seem to let her go even after the lady had left.

Her maid saw her approach and frowned. That nasty king, did he think her mistress was a woman from the brothels? She helped her mistress into her chambers and closed the door before expressing her dissatisfaction.

"How long do we have to keep up with this? My lady, marrying the king will not give us assurance." the maid protested.

"Think about it, Ria. The antidote may be in the queen's crown, but the mantle pins for the crown are with the kingdom's holy tower. That woman had it kept there so that even if we could get the crown, w

d to be obedient.

"She had thought of meeting the king last night. Her maids said it was something about the Prince. I was told she took special time to dress up nicely and wear something thin." Ria said.

"This lady's man, did she think it's easy to touch?" Lady Raine sneered and Ria frowned. Did her lady really like this king?

"I changed her guards to much skilful once." her maid said with a hidden meaning only they understood and Lady Raine laughed.

"Since she likes strong men who can take her at the same time in bed, this lady will give her enough men to fill her fantasies." Lady Raine said with glee.

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