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   Chapter 30 Ch four(8)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 5555

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Like always, Lady Steinhouse walked into the palace unhindered. She was soon led towards the king's study by a servant. Entering, she saw the king grandly dressed, looking sickly as he sat on a grand chair. She observed etiquette before approaching him. The king stared at his niece's make up free face and raised a brow.

"You are much different today, Helen." he said. She understood his manner; as she had been stared at all day and almost confused for someone else, as she was led into the palace. She, more than any, understood why she had not worn any make up. For some reason, since she had last seen Walter, her mood has been bad and the smell of powder disgusted her.

"I have been able to send a message to Lady Wickshire. It might not have been in your said words, but I believe it was understood." she side stepped the topic and went straight to the point.

"Really?" the king asked, one could see his eyes shine.

"I had someone on her side decide the investigation of the minister. If I get back results, I will assume she will not be interfering or is okay with our plans. I'm still not sure why you remain weary of her, but I remembered to not let the opportunity pass me by when it presented itself." she said. This was something she could have informed the king in a letter, but she had learned a long time ago; that things of importance should be handled face to face.

"If there is no reply, you must be sure to find out what we are allowed to do." the king said and she frowned.

"I did not inform you, but I suspect she is in possession of the money missing from the treasury. When she took all of the Mclears fortune, the ro

But, she had sons alone and none of them are classified Thraines. Her third son had a daughter and the daughter was not classified a Thraine. But when the daughter died, her daughter; the great grand daughter of the grand empress dowager, was raised by the valley head of Lir, and she is classified a Thraine. The valley head of Lir was never a Thraine. You must understand, no one knows anything about how it works. One thing is for sure though, they are women and they are always blonde. An abbot that once came to visit my mother, had only told us that the succession of Thraines is linked to the curse of their hair. But of course he had died soon after." she said and the king shivered.

"So, they have managed to make people fear them, without anyone knowing anything about them." he said. The thought that one lived in his kingdom, he was sure it was a good thing. But doesn't this mean his crown held no meaning?

"Worry not. They have never been one to interfere with little kingdoms; in fact, they usually support their home and that; at the moment, is your little Kingdom." she consoled him.

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