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   Chapter 29 Ch four(7)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 1957

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It was morning the next day and Walter already had something to make his day better. He had just dressed and eaten, when a servant appeared to announce Lord Morge's arrival. The servant had but finished when Lord Morge walked in. Looking at his figure that seemed to have hurried over, Walter knew he he found something.

"Let go in." Walter invited him into the study.

"You were right." Lord Morge said as the door of the study closed.

"What did you find?" Walter asked.

"The minister works for the queen. He has helped her embezzle a lot of money in the past. It's a

o unquestionably dispose the queen is one and the same. The missing money." Lord Morge said.

"It matters not. I will bring this to Her Ladyship tonight. If she intends we do nothing, then this document will disappear. If she says otherwise, then I will ask straight out who the extra gold belongs to when I go to meet Lady Steinhouse." Walter said taking the document from Lord Morge.

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