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   Chapter 28 Ch four(6)

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The king had finished work for the day; at least as much as he could take without breaking, and made his way to his chambers for the night. Usually on his arrival, he would be welcomed by an army of servants and attendants who helped him prepare for bed. But walking into his chambers, he found no one. He looked back in question at his attendants who had been following behind him to find the last person's retreating back. Since when was the king left unaccompanied. Not even guards stood by his door.

He cautiously made his way to the array of swords hanging from his wall. Plucking one quickly, he armed himself and made way towards the person veiled by the curtains on his bed.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Come closer my king, I don't bite. Not yet anyway." a female voice answered from behind the curtain.

Cautiously walking over, he patted the bed curtains and frowned. He knew this woman. She was the court lady that the queen had brought with her from her home country as part of her dowry.

The way she was dressed caused the suspicion that his wife was up to no good, increase in his mind. She had nothing but a thin layered robe tied to her frame by the waist. The neckline was beyond plunging and her long legs were exposed to his eyes. Still, she might have as well worn nothing, as the robe did nothing to hide her perked voluminous breasts or any part of her body at all.

"Don't worry, your wife did not send me. After all, she thinks you are about to enter the grave, talk more of having the strength for matters of pleasure." she smiled and raised a brow at the sw

stroking his ember and he dropped his sword.

He was slightly angered under the pleasurable sensation. When the Teel family landed in the hands of a female successor, she chose her husband; Just as well as a man could. No one had ever refused a marriage proposal from the Teel family. It was impossible. Did he even have a choice? Yet she had to propose half naked, taking away his rationality. Even though he had so many questions, he could not truly concentrate. All he saw before him was a naked woman stroking him where one ought not to.

He reached out his hand and grabbed one of her breasts. He heard her take in a sharp breath when he roughly rubbed her sensitive nipples, and then he knew. She was new to matters of the bed chamber.

"One would have thought you had done this before, looking at how skilled you were at seducing me." he said pushing her unto the bed.

She did not redden in embarrassment. She instead smiled seductively as she spread wide her legs.

"A good deal is best sealed in blood." she said as he entered her without mercy.

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