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   Chapter 27 Ch four(5)

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Walter had kept his head down as instructed by Her Ladyship. Yet more than ever, he wanted to contact her and tell her about his findings, but orders were orders so, he made no attempt to contact the lady. If something came up, he would just have to handle it well.

He slowly ate his breakfast in a dispirited manner. The sound of his mother instructing his brother to eat and the conversations on the table swept past him without care. His ears perked to one sentence.

"Madame, Sir, there be two lords outside." a little servant girl informed them.

"Let them in." Walter instructed.

The little servant girl glanced at the Madame and the Sir who continued to eat as though they had not heard her and back at the young master.

The new owners were here only three days, but the servants all understood them well. All they knew about Master Walter was that no one was allowed in his study, and they were not allowed to clean his room without madame's supervision.

Little did the servant know that the only reason Walter's mother ordered that they not clean his room in her absence was because she was afraid they would find something that would end all this fortune that her son had managed to amass.

The servant only hesitated for a moment before leaving to carry out her instruction. She soon returned, leading in two lords Walter knew well. The sight of these two made his father unsure of

r to be on the side of the Mclears, I still did not think she would help make sure they don't find it. She did not seem to hate that family either so, it could only mean her interest was in the money. She did not ask for it or mention it. As though she wanted it to still be missing." Walter said as he sighed inwardly. Maybe he is just over thinking too much of this.

"I see, but what has this got to do with the minister?" Lord of Merve asked.

"It's either I am over analysing or I'm right. We know a few things; she knows the money is with us. She wants it to remain missing. Then she requests dirt on the minister. As if she is planning something big. I'm just saying if we know what she wants on the minister, it may explain why she would rather it stay missing and most of all who owns the money." Walter explained.

"Al right. I know the perfect person to handle this. It will take no time at all." Lord Morge accepted the job.

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