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   Chapter 26 Ch four(4)

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"Who is that woman, Wensworth?" the headmistress asked and Wensworth knew she had arrived by his side. He turned to look at her with undisguised anger.

"I just wish I could just kill her." the headmistress said, not noticing the anger in his eyes.

"Did I not say you should not go? Yet you didn't listen. Why are you here?" he asked through his teeth. Only then, did she notice his angry eyes.

"You are on their side too?" she asked with disbelief.

"Can't you think? You should...." he started to warn her away.

"Tell me who she is, Wensworth. I asked you a question!" she insisted.

"Let's talk later; now is not the time. Read the situation, Anne." he said through his teeth.

"You don't want to get on her bad side? Is that why you are chasing me away? You tell me who she is, or I will not leave. If you want me to leave faster, you better tell me faster." she said in anger. Wensworth took in a deep breathe to calm himself.

"She is Nanny Han. She used to be the nanny of the late Lady Torggen. She also raised the Lady Wickshire after her mother's death. All that the Torggen Dukedom have today would have disappeared the moment the Lady Torggen died, but Nanny Han stepped in. Though she is just a nanny, the noble society; at least the noblemen, see her as an equal. The respect they have for Lady Wickshire, they have extended to her. I told you not to go, didn't I?" Wensworth explained.

"If you knew this, why didn't you explain?" the headmistress asked.

"With your arrogance, why should I?" Wensworth sneered.

"Don't talk to me in that manner, Wensworth." the headmistress warned in surprise.

"Can't you use your head? She just accused you of strutting around without a chaperone." Wensworth said.

"Strutting? Wensworth when did you begin to join others against me?" the headmistress asked almost in tears.

"Think straight. I've always been seen around you. Everybody knows why that is; for work. Everybody knows I am the most respected matchmaker, that is why they say nothing. Now you have been tagged a loose woman and the first thing you do is to a corner with the same man everyone sees you with. Now, what are they thinking?" Wensworth's anger seemed to have resurfaced at the thought of how slow this woman was.

The headmistress turned to look around. She saw the eyes of those w

cess behind? When all is exposed, she would be executed with their father.

"No. She can't come with us." Lionel knew why he had asked. He wanted to know what they could do for her before they left.

"You have always been strict with Leah; but you need not take this too far." Tam's frown deepened. What was his brother thinking? This was Leah, they were talking about.

"We are taking what we can to leave. Because we can not create suspicion, we are taking little. That means, where ever we go, we would have to keep our head low and if we can, finally go back into the society. We will no more be the rich family that could deal with nobility with our heads high. Mother understands what I'm saying, right?" Lionel explained his point of view. He knew his brother was always slow, but his mother would see his point.

"Mother, you can't really be considering this, right?" Tam asked in horror, as he saw his mother deep in thought.

"If we leave with Leah, she will loose all possibility to marry into nobility, talk less of marrying well. We would loose the ability to set a good marriage match for her, as we will be no bodies where we are going. But, while we still have influence and no one knows of our impending doom, we can have her married off." Mrs. Mclears said thoughtfully.

"She is twelve years old!" Tam exclaimed, "Even the king could not pull off such; marrying out a girl that has yet to drop her first blood under the eyes of the Religion."

"Worry not, I am no king." Mrs. Mclears eyes glowed, as a plot clouded her mind.

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