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   Chapter 25 Ch four(3)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 3846

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The woman Nanny Han, was just as popular as Lady Wickshire. She was someone who nobility though did not bow to, talked to as an equal. She came to the kingdom with the late Lady Torggen as her nanny. When Lady Torggen had married into the Torggen Earldom, her nanny followed her to her matrimonial home. She was mostly the spokesperson for the lady at times; as the late lady usually sent her out on errands. Her popularity soared when Lady Torggen died in an accident leaving behind her five year old child.

With the loss of Lady Torggen, the Dukedom was under stress. The late lady had amassed enough fortune for the Torggen household to be rich for an eternity. She had opened trade routes and grown the family to a height unimaginable. With her absence, some came to call. The greed of men rose as they set their eyes on the Torggen fortune. That is when Nanny Han stepped up. Without her wit and ability, the household would have fallen. She took helm till Lucy was old enough to make decisions. Only then did she step back, allowing Lucy to take control and instil fear in all. Every one knew in their heart; if someone could raise a child like

the other, but held himself in place. Not only would he make a laughing stock of himself If he ran, the headmistress may take offence and his career would be over. He looked away tactically; as though he had not witnessed what happened, but the veins protruding from his temple said another thing.

Why did this woman have no sense what so ever? He had always thought she did; so, where had all her common sense gone? She was just accused of walking around society without a chaperone like a loose woman, and her first reaction is to walk towards a man?

Any man could do, but him. A person that had been seen in her company so many times without a chaperone. This was bad. The way he saw it, rumours were flying already. Now, he was about to be swept into it.

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