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   Chapter 24 Ch four(2)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 6675

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"Lady Wickshire arrives!" a servant announced. Those who had heard of this legendary lady or heard of her mother, turned to stare. They took in her white hair, and sighed. So it's true. She does in fact have snow white hair, they seemed to confirm. The lady in question did not glance at them, as she took in the venue. Looking round, she saw that the Courtkruff academy had out done themselves.

The headmistress put on a smile and was about to approach, when she was stopped by Mr. Wensworth.

"Don't. Don't." he whispered, dragging her to a corner. The headmistress frowned at his action as she saw Lady J'hunten and Lady Jeuteh approach Lady Wickshire. She did not want Lady Wickshire chatting up before she arrived. It would look bad on her person to mingle with the younger ladies.

"Wensworth, have you lost your mind?" she fumed

"Think first before you act. What you want to do, you will only look bad before everybody's eyes." Wensworth warned her.

"I am not doing anything." the headmistress said in anger.

"You intend to walk her in and introduce her to people. As innocent as it may seem, it would only make others assume you have stepped into the position of a mother to her. Making it look as though she trusts you." Wensworth smirked. He had seen right through her.

"So? This would help you too. If I succeed, it would be possible for me to be the one to arrange her marriage someday. You could take credit for that. Or do you think you will have a chance to enter that lady's close circle? Don't fool yourself Wensworth, she is smart. She will not let you." she sneered.

"And she will let you?" Wensworth snorted.

"Regardless of what you may think, she is still a child. You have claimed that she has no weakness. That is enough a weakness in my eyes and in the eyes of the society." the headmistress thought herself very smart right now.

"The Lady's close circle? I have no dreams of such. I'm better happy to escape from this now, before it gets out of han

gotten etiquette so soon. Maybe this old woman is too old, but our family makes sure to uphold etiquette. Lucy, stay right there." Nanny Han said.

Every body's face took another turn for bad. They looked at the Headmistress now, with disgust. She was not even family yet, she was arranging as she liked. Didn't this mean she could do the same with their daughters? As long as she had the means, she could arrange what ever marriage she thought more suitable. People started to question if this is really what she does. She just gives the better arrangement to those she likes.

Of course, they were being delusional. The academy only set the stage. She may be a respectable headmistress, but she did not have the means to make some royal families marry some of her girls at the academy.

"Lucy stay right there." those last words from Nanny Han, made some of those who knew Lucy to get freeze. Lucy? That was the first name of Lady Wickshire. Never had they heard someone call her that before. There was only one person apart from Lord Torggen, that could call Lady Wickshire by given name; Nanny Han. Some gentlemen that were conversing lightly with the group a little while back; some who stood to one side, as they were trying to gain the courage or find an excuse to talk to the Lady Wickshire, felt their scalp go numb.

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