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   Chapter 23 Ch four(1)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 7060

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Lucy was having a bad morning. She had ignored her maids, who could not stop talking about the luncheon event in school for a while. But, the day had arrived and they were much more noisy. They seemed to run around the entire room, seemingly trying to get her attention with clothes and hair pins, but Lucy was a quiet as ever. Taylor and Mrs. Muburg ignored the fact that Lucy was silent through out their antics, while Shilla was silently standing by the corner. Their silence only made the two nosier. The headmistress had instructed that the Lady Wickshire be present at the luncheon and they were putting their all into this task.

"The grey dress." Lucy said. The two paused for a second before smiling. Though they did not agree with her choice of colour, they felt as though their tireless chatting had weighed down the Lady and she had finally succumbed to their constant persuasion.

"What about a brighter colour, my lady. The sun will be out. It would be best to look lively. Blue perhaps? It would help your complexion greatly."

Taylor's words caused Shilla to frown. Help her complexion? The lady's skin was sure paler than usual, and such skin tone would be better found on women with raven hair. The lady's stark white hair did nothing to better it. Yet it was not her place to say so. Lucy seemed as though she had not heard them at all. She was deep in thought.

What was the headmistress thinking, to insist that she attends this event? She had gathered enough information about it from Shilla, Methrede and Christy. She knew that this may seem to others, as a simple girls academy etiquette lunch, but it was in fact not so. A lot of socialites appeared for such events held by the school. Especially the ladies, who came to keep an eye out for a good husband for their daughters. The academy hosted a lot of nobility and royalty from different countries and so it's events remained the biggest thing through out the east lands. Many gentle men attended from different age groups, as this academy's events were one in a few societal functions, that could present an opportunity for people

at the sight of this elderly woman.

"Nanny Han." Lucy greeted.

"My lady." the woman's manner, told the other maids that she was a maid, as she had made a servant curtsy, much different than a curtsying of nobility. But looking at her outfit, this was no ordinary maid. Her dress was very expensive and her hair was pulled up in complicated bun. Her slit eyes rested gracefully on the floor, her dress complemented her petite form. Even though old, her skin was enviable. She looked like a lady and they almost felt the urge to bow.

Lucy did not take kindly their stiff posture. She frowned and gave them a deep look and they felt their hairs stand at her sharp look.

"This is Nanny Han. Why are you not bowing?" Lucy asked. The two maids were very flustered, but hurriedly bowed.

"When you see Nanny Han, you bow." she instructed.

"Yes, my lady. Forgive us, Nanny Han." the two curtsied in apology. Shilla almost snorted at their behaviour. She had already been told by the lady to treat this elderly woman with respect. Words she solidified in her heart the moment she saw the woman.

"The luncheon has long begun, my lady. One must be late, but not too late." Nanny Han said and Lucy nodded. She got up and led her nanny and three maids to the east garden.

The moment they entered the east garden, Nanny Han took the lead, while Lucy stood beside her nanny like and obedient child.

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