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   Chapter 22 Ch three(9)

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Soon, Walter was before the the cell where the man was locked. He looked at the man illuminated by the oil lamp and recognized the face. The man noticed his cell being opened and got up. He recognized the man that walked in. It was the young man he had met in the drinking corner. A chair was set for Walter and he sat without worrying about the Lady behind him. She pouted at his action, feeling wronged.

"A gentle man should always let the lady sit." she muttered and he ignored her. He looked at the man before him calmly.

"Mr. Barney, Do you recognize me?" he asked the dirty man.

"Yes." Barney answered with a nod.

"A pity. It would have been best if you did not." Walter sighed. Though his words said so, his voice betrayed him. Walter had already decided what to do with the man. Coming to this decision was easy. He just needed to remember the first words Lady Wickshire had ever spoken to him.

"You have a wife and three children. Your wife has two brothers that are not much older than your children. I believe you have a lot on your shoulders." Walter said and the man seemed to see a ray of light shine on his situation when he heard Walter speak of his plight.

"The people you talked about the other day, the Mclears. They are searching for you. Finding you, it is but a matter of time. The magistrate has taken care of sending away your family this afternoon. How do you intend to pay off this debt." Walter asked.

"Anything, sir. Anything." Barney pleaded. Though the young man before him was not finely dressed, his outfit was clean and fresh. He spoke really well, meaning he was of a respectable family. If he knew the only reason why Walter still smelled fresh after working in the stables was because he only had to water the horses today, he would have fainted at his analysis.

Walter did not mind being addressed as a gentleman. It only gave him more confidence in his actions.

"The men looking for you will kill your entire family, but we took them away. How are you sure we will not kill your family?" Walter asked and the man finally understood the words 'being taking up to the heavens only to be plunged into hell'. He started to fidget. He regretted it. He should not ha

e?" he changed the topic. She had obviously done all this so as to get a reaction or help of some sort from Lady Wickshire.

"Oh...will you really consider my problem?" she asked.

"Is it really up to me to consider it? I will see if she has a problem with it. Don't really expect help. Instead, pray she is does not truly care. That may be your best response. How do I tell you the result?" Walter asked.

Though he had talked to more nobility these days than anyone his status, he still knew he could not just show up anywhere. He still needed his head. The Mr. Jodanham affair, was an attempt to gain trust from gentlemen that would not have looked him twice and believed his wild claims. He had to show some courage.

His question reminded her of her status. She immediately discovered their proximity and took a step back in embarrassment. She took out a token from the small purse hidden in her skirt and handed it to him.

"This is a token of my family name. Present this when you arrive. And you will be let in through the side door." she said, then winced at the meaning of her words. The side door was the servant's entrance. For some reason, she did not want him to feel as though she was haughty.

"It's just so you don't get noticed. .. I mean for secrecy..." she rushed to explain. Walter was not offended at all nor did he think it was necessary for her to explain herself. He nodded and left the same way he came, leaving the lady, slightly flustered.

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