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   Chapter 21 Ch three(8)

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Night descended quickly. As Walter had expected, it was as Lady Steinhouse had told him. The man he had bought the diamonds from had been taken away by the magistrate. Night was the best time to have this settled. He had asked around and discovered how the city guards had pressured the magistrate to release him into their custody, but the ministry claimed the magistrate had gone out of the city for work and they can not release anyone without a signature. Walter felt he could probably bet on his life that the magistrate was surely in the ministry. He was told to not approach the Lady Wickshire for a while. Even though he was sure no one knew of his existence to trace it back to the lady, he still obeyed orders.

He made his way into town and then into the city. Just like agreed, he was behind the entrance to the ministry. Waiting for him with guards, was the same man he had seen in the morning. One look and he recognized this man was one of Lady Steinhouse's people. The man made not a sound nor asked any question. He recognized Walter and made way for him. Taking the lead, he led Walter to a small sitting room. There, waited the Lady Steinhouse, who waved away the butler. He paused to take in her attire. She seemed to have removed her make up, but her perfume was still strong and her hair was braided in a complicated weave.

The lady noticed him pause for a moment and noted his facial expression. She had totally forgotten about him as she handled things for the king all day. Only when she was in the ministry and recalled the time, did she ask for a servant to bring her

ttack. I have dug out a lot about the people in the ministry of finance but, nothing on the minister. I just need you to take a look and help out. I just want you on my side." she said.

Walter finally realized what was happening. She was probably doing something unreasonable and she needed the assurance that she will not be crossing Lady Wickshire. If she will be acting with Lady Wickshire as her backing, she could be a little bolder. Her standing will be firmer. Only then did it occur to him, that he was to her, Lady Wickshire's proxy. If he said plain out that such a thing was beyond him, won't he be saying the Lady Wickshire is not capable of accomplishing such feats.

Remembering the face of the lady, he almost sneered at the thought. Was there something she could not accomplish? Still, it only mattered if she wished it happen. He maintained his silence. But his mind was much calmer. The servant returned with a rope. He took it and got up.

"Show me the man." he said. She stared at the boy for a few seconds before leading way.

"This way"

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