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   Chapter 20 Ch three(7)

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The king looked at his niece explain what she knew. This was the time when he would fume in anger at the queen's audacity. But he laughed instead. This was an opportunity. He was going to use it well.

"Uncle, if you catch her, you will have right to dispose of her. All you need is to storm in there one day and have a witness ready." Lady Steinhouse said with a smile.

"If it was that simple, I would have framed her by now. She is the Northern Lan princess, she is queen as a marriage between the two countries, her brother is the present king of Northern Lan. Besides, she would have covered up her tracks. Rushing in there one day is no guarantee that we will have her." the king smiled.

"Then we let this opportunity go?" Lady Steinhouse frowned.

"Of course not. We will have to act with care. You have to make sure the Mclears never find that man they are looking for. We must first find the treasurer and his assistant. He and the minister of finance." the king said almost as though in thought.

"Why?" Lady Steinhouse frowned in confusion. The king immediately grabbed her hand.

"Helen, you are the only one I have on the outside. It's hard to say who has been corrupted and who hasn't. I married her, a stupid young king. Before I found my way around my own palace, she had taken

able to do anything? He is but a pawn in everybody's game." the maid sneered.

"You underestimate him, Ria. If that man knows to do anything, is to see the entire picture and bide his time. I fear when he strikes it will be fatal. The queen may have it hard soon." the court lady smiled.

"My Lady, what of the royal crown set. Did you find it?" Ria asked.

"No, she has the key. No one can get in." the lady said

"If we could just have it, we would be able to save Madam." the maid sighed in regret. Only then did the lady look at her.

"Don't blame yourself, Ria. You found me when no could and found out where she kept the antidote. You have worked hard." the lady said calmly.

"We can just steal the key then we steal the...."

"The wind is blowing well. The change of seasons is near. Steal her crown? Nothing could please me more." the lady smiled.

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