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   Chapter 19 Ch three(6)

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The queen walked into the adjourning sitting room to find a very tensed Mr. Mclears. She narrowed her eyes as she felt something wrong with his demure. The man stood as he saw the queen approach. He made a bow and remained standing. The queen took a seat before waving away her entourage. She was quite disgusted with the man before her. Though she knew she was the one who had invited him over, she still glared fiercely at his timely arrival. She has eyes every corner of the palace and was informed the moment Lady Steinhouse arrived.

Her husband's niece stopping by the palace was not uncommon, as the king himself had decreed that she be allowed every corner of the palace. A decree he had never extended to her. Though the widowed lady was a common face in the palace, she was alarmed the moment she was informed they were having a conversation behind closed doors. This rarely happened. The lady had never hidden her dislike for her and never appreciated her presence, so she stayed out of the way, so as not to embarrass herself. Not only was the woman sharp tongued, she had the support of the king who would not care to defend her.

She had a bad feeling about today. Something is certainly going on. The moment she heard that they were talking behind closed doors, she found herself going towards that direction. Only to be told that this man had arrived to see her. She could have gone nevertheless, but that court lady beside her talked her out of it. Glancing at the court lady leaving with her entourage, she found herself clenching her hands. This girl was brought from her home country of Northern Lan. She more than any, understood this girl's importance above all else. Swallowing her anger she looked back

ed her through the queen's small garden, towards the chambers. Only then did she stop. She pointed at a door in the lavishly decorated room.

"That's where Her Majesty's royal crown set is kept." the girl said.

"Open it." she instructed.

"It's locked. Only her majesty has the key." the maid said timidly and the court lady turned cold.

"Why did you have me come all this way if you did not have the key?" she scolded the girl before her.

"Forgive me. Forgive this useless one, my lady. Her Majesty had the key taken from me. She had added another key to the set and collected it from me. The only other key is with the royal curator." the maid quickly rushed to apologize. The court lady was fuming. She had worked so hard to make her way here and she could not reach her goal.

"She added the key to the royal treasury, my lady. The royal treasurer gave it to her. I saw it myself. Immediately she received, it, she retrieved back the key from this slave." the maid hurried to appease the lady, giving as much information as she knew. The court lady paused. So it is that? Smirking, she turned to leave. She must not be found here.

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