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   Chapter 18 Ch three(5)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 3932

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Like a ritual, she entered the palace and approached the king's study.

"Lady Steinhouse arrives!" Announced a manservant as Lady Steinhouse is arrives the king's study.

"Enter." she heard a familiar voice say from inside. The door opened and she walked in swiftly. Pausing, she did a formal cutesy towards the man writing on a scroll. She remained in that posture, awaiting to be told to get up. She neither looked up to know if he had seen her nor stopped.

The king continued writing. The silence in the room was unusual for the person who had been invited in, so he looked up from his work to find her still in the position, and sighed. Knowing her background, this was a normal practise. But, she had given up on that past. Why does she continue to use their traditions?

"Please Helen, come in and sit. If I was a wicked man, I'd ignore you, just to teach you a lesson. How many times did I say not to be that stiff?" the king said, a half smile on his tired face.

Lady Steinhouse looked at the pale faced man and smiled.

"Your Majesty, you are with company. If I did not, someone would spread rumour of my lack of training. An audacious woman they would call

ot save her when time comes." the king chuckled darkly.

"We may need not wait for Lady Wickshire to handle her." Lady Steinhouse smiled for the first time since she arrived the palace.

"And here I thought you were here to see you favourite uncle." the king smiled.

"This is a hot one, and you will have her right were you want her. But before I tell you, you must promise that only I can decide on my marriage. If I bring you a man, you must agree regardless of anything." Lady Steinhouse said. She looked positively coy as she laid out her terms. She would not waste this chance to have total control over her life.

"Fine, I promise. Tell me." the king sighed.

"Your royal treasury is missing a chunk of gold, if not empty." Lady Steinhouse said and the king sat up.

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