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   Chapter 17 Ch three(4)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4851

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Walter made his way into town. He would have loved to avoid the noise of town by taking another route, but this was the only way to the academy where he worked. Though it was still morning and his shift was for quarter day, Walter wanted to make his way to work early. He hoped to finish on time so that he could await instructions. Though he understood that he had delved far into this world and he would never be able to get out of it, he was still calm. Better yet, he felt alive and fulfilled. He rode through the lower town when he heard someone stop him.

"Halt!" he felt himself stiffen at the sound of that stern voice. He looked back to find a well dressed man riding towards him. Though this man dressed well, he was still too far from a person of nobility or gentry.

Walter raised a brow unconsciously. Now he knew, there was no way this was a man to be cautious of, he felt his calm return.

"My lady requests an audience." the man said. Walter felt his brow rise higher. Who? As far as he knew, Her Ladyship was still in the academy. He nodded to the man and rode over. Dismounting his horse, he walked to the coach window. Before he could offer a greeting, the door opened.

"Come in." the soft voice inside said. Now, he was suspicious. He remembered the small knife in his trousers and tensed as he entered the coach. The sunlight streaming from the window illuminated a lady dressed in an eye scratching colour. Her face was cake

Why are you blushing?" Walter asked flatly.

"Don't you know you should not stare at people like that, boy?" she tried to suppress the redness in her face.

"Don't call me a boy. It's irritating." he said and she giggled.

"Boys want to be men before beautiful women." she teased the blank faced Walter. Walter stared her down a few seconds before he closed in on her face. She saw how close he was and she stiffened and reddened further.

"Too much make up, loud dress, strong perfume..... Not interested." he said and withdrew.

"I'll be at the ministry's back door at midnight." he said before leaving the coach.

Lady Steinhouse remained in her stiff position long after he left. The coachman called to her from outside, worried something may have happened to her.

"Let's keep going." she finally said, adjusting her cloth as though she had just had a rendezvous with a man in the dark of night. She scolded her actions as the coach began to move.

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