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   Chapter 16 Ch three(3)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 7308

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A rich gentleman sat in his study looking exhausted. His eyes showed he had been working all morning, but his posture remained straight and the air around him remained firm, as though he was determined to finished the work in front of him. He watched as guard after guard brought in different people; from men to women. He listened to them haphazardly. None of them said anything of interest until one of them said something he had been hoping to hear.

"They said something about diamonds on the Townsdale land. The man even said how the other be to go get them."

The gentle man looked up sharply at the man before him, who looked half drunk and covered in sooth.

"Where did you hear this?" he asked the drunk.

"In a corner in the city. They be talk quietly. But they don't know I be awake. The clean boy give Barney a gold coin for the diamonds. But he want to know also how to get in."

"Who were they?" the gentle man asked.

"I been drunk so, I never see them face. But the man smell clean and the other smell bad and say his name be Barney. This be what you been want, right? So the money..." the man kneeling said excitedly. The gentleman slapped the table in frustration.

"Money? You just said one person is called Barney. How are my to find one Barney in the entire capital that could be full of Barneys?" the gentleman asked and the drunk seemed to visibly see his ten gold coins fly out the window.

"No, no. The Barney be say something about The Nayl street blacksmith's third son. The Barney man be say, that be the person who see the Mclears crest on them carts. That be good right? The gold....?" the drunk had not finished talking when a rope wrapped his throat, choking him till he moved no more.

The gentleman looked up at his brother who had just choked the drunk and threw him a cloth to wipe his hands.

"Tam, this is good. We must send people out there to check this information." the gentleman said, one could see his eyes brighten.

"Calm down, Lionel. As good a progress this may be, there is still much to be done." Tam said.

They did not notice the little feet that ran away on the other side of the wall. A little girl sneaked away to

ome where in the countryside." the madame bargained.

"Do you think you have any right to bargain with me?" Lady Steinhouse asked, her face falling even further. The madame knew this lady was capable. To come to her title and be widowed so soon and still hold it five years after the husband's death, is not something most young women of her age would have been able to do.

"It's a big one, my lady. I promise you will not regret knowing this." the madame assured.

"Fine then, I promise. Something as little as this, is a simple matter to accomplish."

"My lady, the Mclears have lost royal gold." the madame said and Lady Steinhouse sat up. Confirming that she had gotten the lady's attention, the madame continued.

"The queen gave the Mr. Mclears gold from the royal treasury to keep safe and he put it with some of his money in the Townsdale land and just yesterday, someone stole every single coin the own. They have no money. Today, they held a meeting saying they should do nothing and keep it silent. They are trying to find the culprit. I heard they already have a suspect." the madame said. Lady Steinhouse smiled viciously. She knew her uncle, the king, hated that queen of his. There was no way he would let her touch a copper in the royal treasury. If not for the woman before her, she would have laughed out in joy. That viscous queen has been trying to steal her uncle's power, this was a chance to get rid of her once and for all.

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