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   Chapter 15 Ch three(2)

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Lucy sat before her vanity, a calm look in her eyes and an almost bored countenance made the two maids behind her, almost take to their knees begging. Lady Wickshire seemed very uninterested in the luncheon tomorrow, and would not even spare them a look, no matter how many dresses they brought out. They were nervous. Mrs. Muburg had come herself to make sure the lady got the best service. Their instructions were clear; to get Lady Wickshire to appear at the luncheon. They had talked all day long, using all their experiences in serving to try and entice the lady to take interest, but she had not even graced them a glance.

"I hear the Dockstorm young lord will be there. He got a royal appointment last bloom." Taylor said with a coy smile.

"A handsome young lord. I hear there will be lots of them come tomorrow's luncheon." Mrs. Muburg smiled. They had hoped talk of men will steer the lady to start a conversation, yet, no matter how long they spoke, they only ended up looking stupid.

Shilla walked in on the two trying to chat up Her Ladyship, and frowned. She had thought they would be wiser. The lady was not like others, she could not be led by the chin.

"What do you think, Shilla?" she heard Taylor ask. Swallowing her frown, she turned to the lady.

"My lady, Lord Morge and and Lord of Merve have arrived to see you. They are waiting in the fourth tea room." Shilla said and Lucy got up at last. The maids rushed after her and Mrs Muburg snuck away half way there.

Lucy arrived the tea room and the two gentlemen stood as she arrived. Looking at the maids by the corner, they knew what to expect. Society scorned a girl of honourable upbringing meeting alone with the opposite sex.

"My lady." they made a bowing gesture at the girl half their height. Her face remained unchanged at the sight of them. She did not offer a greeting in return, which neither surprised them, nor did they take offence; they were used to her attitude. She sat before them and before they could open their mouths, they were graced by three people they needed no introduction to recognize.

This was the headmistress, Mr. Wensworth and Lady Dustaine. The three curtsied before the noblemen.

"Lord Morge, Lord of Merve, it's an honour to have you in my institution." the headmistress said. They had to give it to her. She was implying that they had made a visit for her. The two noblemen did not bother to get up, as the they cared not for societal norms. Lord Morge's usually hardened face could not get harder, as he looked away without acknowledging those before him.

Lord of Merve struck his usual side smile and looked away. They did not invite the three to sit and join them, as they turned to Lucy, who had not turned to see who was behind her.

"I think you will like my visit much better, today." Lord Morge said.

"Did something good happen?" Lucy asked.

"Yes, it can be classified good." Lord of Merve said.

The headmistress, Lady Dustaine and Wensworth froze in place. Though they knew they were joining in without invitation, they never thought the two noblemen would disregard etiquette and totally ignore them. They were not invited to sit and were left standing. The headmistress came today to integrate herself with the Lady Wickshire and become a mentor of some sort to the lady. She knew very well that the lady grew up without a mother. She had hoped to stand in for her mother during an important visit such as this.

She had invited her friend, Lady Dustaine; who had her eye on Lord Morge and Wensworth who wanted an opportunity to get in the Lady Wickshire's good graces. Never in her years had she been so embarrassed. But, she would not be a revered woman of society if she let such things show on her. She remained smiling, as though no such thing had taken place. Though she could not butt heads with the gentlemen, she could with Lady Wickshire.

"Lady Wickshire it is rude to not introd

e has it recorded that I, Lucy Sharterux, daughter of Lord Torgenn is in formality, Duchess of Wickshire. I do not expect a woman of noble standing; who bothers only for sewing patterns and tea curtseys, to understand something so important as the workings of any ministry. It matters not, you are forgiven." Lucy said mildly. Her tone soft as though talking to a friend. Though her eyes remained cold, she gestured indulgently, portraying herself as benevolent.

The headmistress turned red. Half from anger and rest from embarrassment. Was she being looked down on? She did not expect the little girl before her to be so good in layering words. She addressed her as though she was a child as she intended to be the motherly one, yet was turned into the child. She was forgiven? She does not remember apologizing! Though she looked down on this girl, she never expected she was really officially, Lady Wickshire. Was it possible she was lying? She coughed away the lump in her throat.

"It matters not what your title may be dear, you are still a girl. What serious things could a girl possibly have to discuss with two such noblemen." she maintained her smile. This was society. Even though she was angry inside and wished to tear apart this girl before her, etiquette demanded women smile and talk mildly as they fought with words. She maintained her motherly tone. Though it seemed stiff now, she still had confidence that this was a little girl she could squeeze under her wing.

"Serious? The noblemen and I sat with you all when we talked. Something so simple is hard to understand? Oh.. It is my wrong. Women of noble standing such as your esteemed self, engage in greater knowledge such as tea and matters of weather. One need not expect more as it is beneath your visage." Lucy softly said.

"You..." Lady Dustaine seemed to have reached her breaking point, but could not conjure the words to match her anger.

"Given that I forgot to invite you when I welcomed the two noblemen, I will not lack so much etiquette as to continue to take up space. As you had all made yourselves comfortable needless of invitations, I suspect you must have urgent need for a tea room. Forgive my intrusion. I will take my leave." though Lucy's words led one to think her rebuking their actions, her tone as she gestured to them and the room made her look like a benevolent queen taking care of her subject's needs.

She strode out of the room, leaving them white as paper. Through it all, Mr Wensworth said not one word, as though hoping to be forgotten. He heaved a sigh when Lucy had completely left the room with her maids.

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