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   Chapter 14 Ch three(1)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4708

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The next day was quiet. The capital woke up as usual; the rich enjoyed the soft morning sun, the poor got to work early. It was, if anything, the most peaceful morning of all time. But life bears a smirk of irony to it's lips. The Mclears delivered their last batch of gold last night to an empty barn in the Townsdale land. All hell had broken loose in the Mclears mansion.

An almost bald round man paced around his study dressed in his night garment. He occasionally robbed the bald spot on his head every few steps and sometimes threw a glare at the nicely dressed woman and the two mid aged men bearing slight resemblance to him, who sat before him. On other days, he would dote on them at the slight appearance of their shadow, today, he felt as though he should strangle them. He had called for a family meeting for one reason alone; they had lost a huge chunk of their fortune.

"Please sit, dear, your blood pressure." the woman in purple satin tried to calm the raging husband before her. her graceful demure and slightly aged face showed the level of her calm.

"Pressure? I should just die then!" the man exploded.

"Father...." one of the young men by the corner started to say.

"Shut it! This the result of your carelessness." he raged.

"Your voice, dear. We need not let this stray to unwanted ears." she reminded him.

More than any household, she knew how dangerous hers was. She

For today, let's do nothing. Let's use today to search for it. At least till we have the upper hand in this situation." one of the young men said.

"But, I have tea with the queen today. What if she asks?" Mr. Mclears shivered in fright.

"You say everything is fine." the other man said.

"Lie? To the queen? Our lives....It's treason....I...." Mr. Mclears started to stutter.

Mrs. Mclears' face dropped to that of pure disgust. She had always known her husband was a coward, but she had hoped for the family, he would show a little bit more back bone. Dropping her dutiful wife persona, she grabbed him by the collar.

"You listen to me, now. You will say nothing about this incident when you meet the queen. Understood? You may be small of a man, but I will not sacrifice my children's lives because you can't stop shaking. You better return from the palace with your mouth shut or you will die by my hands." she threatened.

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