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   Chapter 13 Ch two(8)

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Lord of Merve sat in the private study of Lord Dockstorm, His face remained solemn as he heard Lord Dockstorm walk in and take a seat before him. The old man's grey hair was visible in the dim light, a contrast to his all black night dress. The man looked at Lord of Merve's solemn face and sighed.

"The look on your face tells me I will not like what you're about to say." Lord Dockstorm said.

"Haye, it has been long. You are getting old."

"You too, will get old."

"Not soon, though. I wonder how you've been doing. I heard you had a visitor from the court."

"Ah... You know more than most that I have no place in such things. I may have a lot of accomplishments in my life, but I am still just a baron. The royal court is no place for me." Lord Dockstorm said. He wanted to be clear that he did not deal with Lord Rhog in any way.

"It matters not. Today, I've found a buyer for the Molshen land and farms."

"Really? I didn't know I was selling." The old lord laughed.

"I didn't know too until I made a split decision and said I'd look into it with you. So, what do you think about letting me out of this pinch." Lord of Merve said.

"To be honest, I see a lot of potential in that property."

"You saw a lot of potential years ago. I wonder if that potential will ever be realized." Lord of Merve smirked.

"Al right, it's my wife who wants the land. It seems she has been interested for a while. I have tried to hold unto it for as long as possible. But, I don't quite understand why she won't be satisfied with a new necklace."

"Well, you have tried long enough, don't you think? Besides, your wife playing her hand at properties is not what you truly want, right?"

"I..." Lord Dockstorm started to say.

"I know why your wife wants that land. You, more than anybody, knows she was gunning to marry Lord Torgenn in her youth but lost to an unknown woman from across the unending seas. When the late Lady Torgenn came into society, she gained the respect of men not women. She always felt she would catch up and dabble in things like the late lady did and yet even in death, she remains in the Lady Torgenn's shadow as just a wife." Lord of Merve said.

"I... There is no basis for that speculation and it is not necessarily truth." Lord Dockstorm felt his brows grease with sweat. The knowledge of his wife's rivalry with the late Lady Torgenn was not news. But the way he puts it makes it seem like that land is but a way to pierce a sword in the late lady's grave and if she pierces deep enough, she may poke her way from past to present; and the Lady Torgenn of today was more trouble than the one of past.

"Of course, it's not. Truth is fluid, it's a matter of perspective. What do you say, Lord Dockstorm. You must decide what is true for yourself." Lord of Merve suggested darkly.

"Are you threatening me? Is this for the Lady Wickshire?" Lord Dockstorm's face turned grave.

"No, It's not a threat. It's a suggestion from a friend to a friend. You can only use your hands to decide what is true. If you do well, your truth will become your wife's truth and the world will believe it too. Do you still intend to hold unto something that is encouraging people to speculate truth? Or you will let it go?" Lord of Merve asked.

"It's nothing at all. You can take the land and everything on it." Lord Dockstorm caved, reaching into his drawer and pulling out a paper after a little bit of search. He handed it to the Lord of Merve and sighed.

"That is the deed to the property and everything on it. I have done a little bit of work on it; building a country home for my wife, so that price must be worth it." Lord Dockstorm said. Lord of Merve looked at the deed in his hands and smiled.

"We will han

g here must move as it should. That's the best way to keep eyes away. I think father can help me out there." Walter said.

"You have not answered my question. I have never run a farm. How should I know how to do it?" His father said.

"You can learn slowly. One thing is for sure. You can not return to your old job. We have to be totally disconnected from our past. We will stay as long as we have to and no less. We have the task of taking care of the household and the workers and that includes the farmers and their family. Mother would want to handle the household, you should see me if something is wrong. which I hope not. I, on the other hand have today off from work but I will continue work tomorrow." Walter explained.

"Why are you going back to work?" his mother asked.

"I have no intention of handling this farm. This is your cup of tea, don't drag us into it." his father said.

"You should look at the books. Ask someone to show it to you. The lords already gave instruction to stay away from the study up in the left wing. But every other thing should be accessible to you. This house will not move if we all do nothing. Then people will start asking questions. I will take the room in the left wing close to the study. I'm going to have a long sleep..... if I can." Walter said and got up to leave.

"You still no answer all our questions. You expect us to just change for you?" his father's face said it all. He was angry at the sight of Walter's departing back. Walter pause for a moment.

"Nothing is going to happen to us. I worked hard and circumstances got us this place. Here, Amie can learn all what mother has to offer, mother can run a household like she's always wanted to do. You can be the owner of a farm and lead a farming settlement. Allen can learn right. I see nothing wrong in the decision I made. My work needs me to be here at this moment and I saw a chance to take you all with me and change our lives a little. No one will come finding trouble as long as we don't look for trouble ourselves." Walter said slowly. Even though his back remained to them, they could hear his voice clouded with stress. He left them and went towards the west wing. After checking that he had locked the study, he moved next door and entered a large room, larger than anything he had ever seen. he did not give himself time to look around as he collapsed into a soft new-laid bed and closed his eyes with a soft prayer on his lips; begging sleep to bound him in it's embrace.

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