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   Chapter 12 Ch two(7)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 9687

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Looking at the leaving carts, Walter and the two lords came out of the woods with their carts and headed for the direction of the Townsdale land. They made haste as time was of the essence. Riding into the land, they unmounted and nodded to each other. Looking at the four barns on the field, they all took one.

"Let's look through them fast." Rushing into the buildings, the three of them searched efficiently. A few minutes later, Lord of Merve rushed towards Walter and Lord Morge, who had just emerged from the structures they were searching.

"Just wines and logs and documents." Walter said.

"Me too." Lord Morge answered.

"I found the diamonds. Not sure if it is Her Ladyship's but those crates bear the emblem of the Mclears." Lord of Merve said.

"Show me." Lord Morge said and they all rushed towards the said barn, with lord of Merve leading the way. They found the crates. Searching through, they found more than diamonds in the crates. Some were filled with gold.

"All this gold. Can they all be the Mclears fortune? It's a bit too much for a merchant family." Lord Morge said.

"No need. Lets take it all. The carts we brought are not enough. But there are two more carts in the third barn." Walter suggested, taking a crate outside as he started to load the carts.

"True, let's move." Lord of Merve said and rushed over to bring the other two carts. He connected a cart to the one he brought with him. He hoped the three horses holding his cart could take the extra weight as he did the same for Lord of Morge's cart. After setting up, the three men worked fast and time worked fast as well. With only a few minutes to spare till the guards return, they finished loading all they had found and mounted their carts and rode into the night. They made sure to take the forest path and avoid all main roads until they had ridden far enough to stop.

"Do you have where to keep these carts Walter?" Lord of Merve asked.

"No. It will not be safe where I live, I have family there. Why not return this to Her Ladyship's land?" Walter asked.

"No. We must keep low for a while before going to see her. If word of this gets out, they will think to search her first." Lord Morge said.

"And us too. As careful as we may be, it is not particularly news that we circle Her Ladyship and could be considered loyal to her." Lord of Merve said.

"The only option is you. How many know of you?" Lord Morge asked.

"Just Mr. Jodanham and he cannot be trusted." Walter answered.

"There is a farming village not too far from here. You must move. You said you have family? Bring them. The Baron of Dockstorm has property there, he has not even set eyes on for years. Let's go there. After we store the carts, Lord Morge will wait till your family arrives. I will handle Lord Dockstorm. Make sure to get your family here fast." Lord of Merve issued instructions after t

he saw they were all packed. Like him his little brother had only a sack of clothes. But his sister managed one trunk. His father came in from outside.

"Start to take things out. I will get your mother's endless trunks." he ordered Walter coldly, then made his way to his bedroom. Walter took the trunk and bags out and put them in the cart. He looked back to find his father dragging behind two of his mother's trunks. He could hear his mother complaining.

"What about the other things. Are we only taking our personal belongings? Amie's horses..."

"Those horses are old and frail. Getting it sold would be hard, talk more of giving it as a dowry." Walter said.

"Those are my belongings. I will not leave them here." his mother protested.

"Mother we must disappear, leaving no way to be traced. Those horses are marked with your family's crest. Leave it. I will buy you new horses." he made a promise he knew would be hard to keep. If horses were so cheap, everybody would have had one.

"You must! Since you have discarded your sister's dowry, you must be responsible for providing one when she is about to marry." his mother huffed as his father returned from the house with two more trunks. Loading them up, his father turned and took the driver's seat. He could hear his mother mumbling in complaint as she climbed up on the cart and sat on one of her trunks. His siblings followed her lead, taking a seat on the trunks. He glanced back at his siblings as he mounted his horse. Amie remained expressionless and quiet, while Allen seamed drowsy.

"Let's go. It is best not to attract attention." Walter said riding ahead, as he led his family away from their life and all they knew, to a life he had no expectations about. He wondered if he would ever come back. His mind wandered to his first meeting with Her Ladyship; he had no expectations nor regrets. He did not bother a hair to glance back at the past.

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