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   Chapter 11 Ch two(6)

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They all mounted their horses and made their way out of lower town into the dark path through the woods. Covered by the night, they started to ask the questions that plagued them.

"What is this truly about?" Lord Morge asked.

"I received instructions to investigate the Mclears." Walter said.

"From Her Ladyship?" Lord of Merve asked.

"Yes, I didn't expect to find out as much as I did, but the source was genuine. The Mclears have been working with the city guards to deliver large carts of things to the Townsdale land and one of those things if not all, are diamonds."

"Are you sure of this? The Mclears have been taking her ladyship's diamonds to make her hand over the Wickshire mines for a while now." Lord of Merve said.

"The source came to me with prove. He tried to sell to me the diamonds he found on the field. He was not sure they were real though. But one thing is sure. We have a window tonight." Walter explained.

"How?" Lord of Merve asked.

"According to him, the city guards leave the land at night and the carts come in and leave just as fast as they came but we have a twenty minutes window from when they leave till when the guards return. To be safe, lets say ten minutes. I wanted to wait a while, but one cannot say who else that man had told of the diamonds on the field. It's best to act fast." Walter said.

"True. Even if we can take nothing, we will have a good idea of what they store there." Lord Morge agreed.

"We should leave the road. We are close enough. The night is dark enough to mask the carts in the trees." Walter said.

"So, the woods then?" Lord of Merve asked jovially.

They did so, taking shelter in the trees and waiting silently. A while later they heard the guards ride away using the main road.

"I guess it is as you say. It will not be long till the ghost carts arrive." Lord Morge whispered.


The king strolled into a full court. His steps, weak and breathing, heavy. The court ministers stood as he made his way to the

u. Without receiving an invitation do not gather again." the king gave his verdict and got up, leaving them with no chance to take into mind what he had just said.

Leaving, he could not help but frown. New laws? In the middle of the night? Why are they rushing it? He could not shake the feeling of bad luck looming over him. Sighing, he told himself to be patient, his beloved wife will make a mistake.

"Your Majesty!" he heard a voice say in alarm and he found the queen and her entourage rushing to him. Pausing before him, she took a bow and her entourage followed suit.

"You should be in bed, Your Majesty." she said with concern. She was a middle aged red head, but still looked to be in her thirties.

"The ministers seem to have a mind of their own these days. I wonder where they get the courage to call for me so late at night." the king said.

"The ministers? What would be of that much importance this time of the night?" the queen asked.

"Worry not, my queen, it is just this and that. They are threading dangerous waters. I will not save anyone that falls." he said slowly, letting his words hang in the air.

"My lord?" the queen's confused eyes rested on him.

"Nothing to worry your head about, rest well." the king said walking past her towards his chambers, while the queen stared at his leaving back.

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