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   Chapter 10 Ch two(5)

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"Walter, come here." he heard his father call as night started to descend.

"Yes, father." he answered, going to the living room.

"You've got a guest." his father motioned to a woman sitting in their dining room, as they had no sitting room. He looked at her clean but simple demure and knew she was not nobility. He walked towards her to see her better.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I'm Shilla. I have come with a message." she said, handing him an unmarked letter and a pouch. On opening it, Walter recognized the handwriting even though he had but seen it once. It was Her Ladyship's. He needed no telling that the pouch was filled with gold.

Walter, I'd advise against coming to see me for a while; some in school think

Themselves wise these days. If something comes up, find the Earl of Morge

And the Lord of Merve. It would be best to avoid taking too much action

If it can be helped. The two are in my confidence. How you intend to

Convince them to take you in theirs is up to you. My maid, Shilla

Will collect what you have from Mr. Jodanham.

I trust you will not over do nor under do, but just as expected. Handle what I asked.

In trust, Lucy Sharterux, Duchess of Wickshire

Walter looked at the woman before him. He wanted to ask about the goings in the school, but knew it was not his place. Feeling the weight on his shoulders double, he sighed and threw the letter into the burning stove.

"Wait a moment." he said, going into his room and taking out the document from under his bed. He returned and handed it to her. He would have been suspicious of the maid if Her Ladyship had not mentioned the document from Mr Jodanham. He was sure that only she would know of his orders.

"I will leave now." Shilla said, wasting no time to leave.

"A woman should not be roaming the night. What be in the letter, Walter and who was she?" his father asked from the corner.

"No one of importance" he said, going in to take his coat. It was going to be a cold night.

"Neither should a respectable man be roaming the night." his father rebuked.

"Something came up." he answered.

"No son of mine will roam the night. Tell me now, what be in that letter?! This work ends now. Only things of shame walk the night!" his father bellowed.

"I'm sorry Father, something's come up. I must leave."


"I will be lo

e very scary one." Walter said. Lord Morge and Lord of Merve finally looked up.

"Only very few people scare me, boy." Lord of Merve said.

"No. Only one person does." Walter said making the two men pause. As if seeing him in a new light, Lord Morge turned serious and the Lord of Merve cracked a smiled.

"Why are you here?" Lord Morge asked.

"Because you two are and I have to work soon and I was told you'd be interested in a bit of fun." Walter answered.

"I don't think we have anything doing, do we, Lord Morge?" Lord of Merve said and Lord Morge nodded in agreement. Walter sighed inwardly and turned to Mr. Jodanham.

"I'll leave now. Have it ready soon." he said, before nodding to Lord Castledor and the lady, then taking his leave.

"We'll be back next time, Mr. Jodanham." Lord Morge said as they both excused themselves to leave. Walking out into the night air, they saw Walter paying a man in front of three large carts.

"I will take the horses then. Goodnight." Walter said and the delivering men left. He stared at the three carts then returning to stand beside the two lords. His face paused in thought.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm wondering if it will be enough." Walter said.

"Do you really know Her Ladyship?"

"Yes. I have information that a delivery will be made to the Townsdale land in a full clock turn, west of the lower town by the Mclears." Walter said and the two men turned serious.

"What are they delivering?" Lord of Merve asked.

"Diamonds." Walter answered.

"Let's each take a cart. We will talk on the way."

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