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   Chapter 9 Ch two(4)

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Walking outside, the smell of the town air hit him and he felt a weight overwhelm him. He only gave Mr. Jodanham one instruction. He did not ask anything about the Mclears. For some reason he just did not feel like it. It didn't feel right. Of course it did not help that he mistrusted Mr. Jodanham too much. Getting on his horse, he made his way to the city. Passing through the threshold, he saw before him a much wealthier and cleaner setting. The buildings in this area were expensive, as they were built with great care and grandure to reflect the importance of it's owners. There were not as much people as the lower and upper town, but there was still a lot of people around as it would not be a city if otherwise. But the people here carried themselves high, as they considered themselves respected and important people of society.

He only had one reason to come here. He knew that people like the Mclears, though not nobility, would live in this area. He wanted to find out as much as he could from the servants and maids here. People underestimated the lower class.

They were the ones who cleaned, washed and followed around their masters, hearing everything that happened in the home. They were the keepers of all sorts of societal secrets and scandals. He needed to find his way to where the workers of the Mclears home congregated.

He had been to the city once before. His father had taken him to see the Yorkleire butler; who had helped his father get the job he was doing till date. They had met the old man in a corner street off the clothing district.

He made his way there after paying for his horse to be secured for him. He did not expect to see this butler again, but this corner was a sales area. Only the servants went there. Things sold ranged from trinkets to clothing. He found his way to a corner were one could sit and have a drink.

"Can I join you?" he asked the man who was drunkenly swinging his head. Without waiting for an answer, he sat. There were three people including himself who sat on that table.

"Interested in some diamonds?" the other man sitting across him asked.

"Diamonds?" Walter raised a brow.

"Yes. Y'look like someone to buy it well,

. This was a big find. He was not sure if this was the information the lady needed, but this was big. He was not sure if he should tell her or investigate first. Riding his horse away from the city, he made his way to Upper town, where he had left his mother and sister. Arriving, he found them waiting.

"What took so long, Walter? We've been waiting for quite some time." his mother asked getting on her horse.

"Nothing much, just work. Let's go." he led the way as they made their way back home. On the way back, Amie went on about her new clothes and new shoes. She rattled on thanking Walter in between sentences. His mother kept shushing Amie as it was unladylike to talk so long on something so small. Still, her voice betrayed her and exposed how excited she was. She still did not fall out of character, making sure to maintain her calm and graceful exterior.

Walter, on the other hand, could not hear them at all. He wondered how to approach the problem at hand. He needed to inform Her Ladyship of what he had just found out. Yet he felt he should go ahead and act quickly without asking. Reaching home, he dismounted and entered the house slowly. The day was still bright and it made him contemplate trying to meet Lady Wickshire, but he had not received any order to meet her, apart from night time.

Thinking to that point, he knew he would be too late to enter the Townsdale land by then. He did not have to wonder long, a letter came for him.

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