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   Chapter 8 Ch two(3)

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Walter was already quite familiar with the route to Mr. Jodanham's town home and found it easy to make his way there. Knocking on the door, he waited till the lanky butler stood before him with a frown on his face.

"You again. The master is busy with guests."

"Move. I don't have the time to listen to you." Walter slipped into the house. Before the man could process what had happened and rush after Walter's figure; he had made it into the formal sitting room. Walter paused as he notice the guests that the butler had mentioned. A nobleman garbed in a sharp suit and a loudly dressed lady; who Walter could see despite the heavy make-up, her natural beauty, sat in discussion.

Mr. Jodanham, who was bowed in an explanation, paused at the site of Walter; causing the attention of the room to shift to Walter, who seemed to be unaware of the stares. He stared down Mr. Jodanham. Something about this man irritated him. What? He could not put a finger on it.

"What..." Mr. Jodanham started to say.

"Forgive me, sir, I tried..." the butler tried to explain.

"I don't have time and neither should you." Walter said. He always prided himself someone who knew his place. But he could not shake the feeling of power that rushes through him when doing the lady's work. Yes, he knew his place quite well and standing there he knew who was who to fear; Lady Wickshire first, then others.

"Do you have it?" he asked Mr. Jodanham.

g the nobleman to nod and the lady, stifle a smile.

"Then, I'm curious as to what is beyond you." the nobleman said. He found this boy curious in every way.

"I never agreed to being a simple man." Walter answered. The nobleman believed every word he said. Very few people of the lower class had this kind of education displayed by the boy, nor the confidence to say those words. He was sure someone was behind this boy, making him confident, making him without fear.

Mr. Jodanham rushed down and handed the document to Walter, who was still standing in the sitting room. Walter looked down at it. He did not know if this was what was asked of Mr. Jodanham, but he had no intention to let Mr. Jodanham relax, so he took his time to flip through the pages.

"Lets hope you worked to impress." Walter said, glancing at the now sweating Mr. Jodanham. Giving a little bow that was no different than a nod to the nobleman and lady, he left the town home.

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