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   Chapter 7 Ch two(2)

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Walter was sure of one thing; he needed to leave soon. He had told himself, it was just an information delivery. But something made him feel uneasy as he was not given a document, but had to give instructions himself. This told him the lady was testing him. He had no money but the gold in his pocket, neither did he have the status to give instructions to someone of Jodanham's standing. Confused about how to go about it, he decided to go home instead. He had to figure out how to approach this. The lady did not give him a time limit. He decided he will do it in the morning.

He rode home with a small pouch of gold, and a nest full of thoughts hatching in his head. He arrived home and tied his horse in the backyard stable. He unlocked the door and walked into the house to find it dark and silent.

"Is that you Walter?" his mother called from her room.

"Yes Ma." he answered back. He made his way to his room and walked in to find his little brother asleep on his bed. He looked at the other side of the room, at his brother's bed too small for him to sleep in, and took a seat on the wooden stool by the bed side, rested his back on the wall and closed his eyes. It did not take him long to fall into deep sleep.

Morning came fast, as Walter woke to find himself on the floor. Shocked more that he did not wake up as he fell to the floor at night, than that he fell at all, he tiredly got up. He washed his face with a bowl of water and used a wet cloth to clean the rest of his body. He looked on his bed to find a clean white dress shirt, dark brown trousers and coat, left for him by his mother. He wore them quickly and went out for breakfast hoping there was still some left on the table. He walked out to find his family eating. He greeted his mother and father before taking a seat.

"You are not going to work today, son?" his father asked.

"No. Someone is covering for me." Walter answered. It was a lie as far as he could tell. Today was the fifth day of the week; his off day. He could stay back if he wanted, but he had never before, as he knew they needed the money.

"And you're doing what for this?" his father asked.

"Nothing. I covered for him many times. He owes me." he answered.

"Ma, what are you doing today?" he asked is mother.

"Mother!" she corrected him, "I want to get Amie at least three dresses for the coming white cold. She's outgrown all her dresses."


was far from the village and took a while to get there. The smell of the town hit them before they saw it. It was rowdy as ever, as the lower town was where marketing of the lower class happened. Then the upper town connected to the main city, where the nobles stayed. His mother stood out like a sour thumb.

She was overdressed for the location, but she knew where she was going enough to steer her way through the people, finding her way to a much cleaner part of the lower town. Though she wanted to stop, Walter had plans to meet with Mr. Jodanham. He knew his mother had taught him that he needed to inform the household before making an appearance, but he wanted to go unannounced. He felt it good for his confidence when delivering his orders. He remembered the look on the lady's face. With that picture in mind, he brazed himself. After all, he had no one left to fear, not even society.

"Ma, let's go to upper town instead." he said.

"Mother!" she corrected him, "Walter, you know how expensive things are in the upper town. Clothes are bought in silver there. Here we can buy anything in copper and iron." she protested.

"I have been paid, Mother. Lets go." he led them ahead regardless. Upper town was much cleaner and organized than lower town. His mother had been here in another life and led them toward a popular market. It was loud but not as rowdy as lower town.

"You both go. I'll be back." he said, handing them five gold coins. His mothers eyes grew into large green pearls at the sight of the coins.

"You were gold?" she asked and he nodded, leaving them to it.

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