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Lucy made her way to have dinner. She sat at the head of a table in a well furnished dinning hall filled with ladies seated in groups, taking their light dinner. She sat in silence as Taylor rushed to get her meal arranged.

"Hello." a small voice called for her attention. Lucy looked towards the voice. Her eyes settled on a natural redhead taking a seat beside her.

"I hope you don't mind me sitting. I'm Methrede Tayllum or Lady Jeuteh if you please." the redhead introduced herself. Behind her, two girls follows suit and took seats on the opposite side.

"I'm Lucy Sharterux, Lady Wickshire." Lucy answered.

"Wickshire? As in Lucy Wickshire? I've heard of you!" Methrede exclaimed in a voice not short of a whisper, yet very much heard.

"What have you heard?" Lucy asked as Taylor and some maids arrived with their dishes.

"Nothing really, just whispers. Your name comes up a lot. But much more of recent." Methrede said rapidly.

"I'm Christy Laz. My father, Lord J'hunten is also a household name." the blonde girl said haughtily.

"I did not mean her father Christy, I meant her." Methrede frowned.

"Whatever. She should at least know since she now has me as a friend." Christy nodded as though what she spoke of was obvious knowledge.

"Friends? Why would I be friends with her? I know your father; Diamond mines, miles of land unused and wasted; Just needs the

right hands." the other girl with raven hair snorted.

"Shut it, Leah. How did you end up tying yourself to me? Of course she can't be friends with you, she's already friends with me and I don't like you. As her best friend, it is only right that she cannot be friends with you." Christy declared.

"I hear you come from a long linage of blondes. Is that why your hair is white?" Methrede asked Lucy, her eyes swimming in curiosity.

"You are too presumptuous, Christy." Leah said to Christy as her face distorted in a frown.

"Save your tears of apology, Mclears. You forget, you are not even nobility. Your father is just a tad too ambitious." Christy declared.

"Have you heard of the luncheon coming soon? I hear some lords will be in attendance." Leah turned to Methrede who looked deep in thought, and ignored Christy's taunt.

"Only you would care. But I guess it matters as your family needs you to lead them to nobility through means of marriage." Christy said in a haha demure. Leah rose abruptly with her face red and fist clenched, then stormed off with her maid in tow.

"Does that mean that if two blondes marry, their child will have your hair or if the blonde blood in the family is long enough, one day their child will have your hair?" Methrede asked Lucy, oblivious of the fight on the table. Lucy smiled at her question as she had never had such an amusing dinner.

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