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   Chapter 12 Doing business

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Early in the morning, Amy went to her office. The first day of work after being closed for a week. The excitement she felt can be compared to that of the children on the first day of school. She was at the office before any of the employees arrived. She turned on the lights, heated the oven, and went to her office. It was six in the morning; the staff starts work at eight o'clock. She forgot that she came to work early and decided to ring her new partner and boss and inform him about the insurance contract he needs to sign. She was sipping her espresso and dialing Alexander Smith's number. Alexander was laying and profoundly sleeping when he was disturbed by the noise of his mobile. He was too sleepy to look at the number, "Good morning, who is this, and what is so urgent that you had to wake me up?" "Good morning Mr. Smith, this is Amy Roberts" "Oh, is she in some kind of trouble?" He liked the sound of her voice, even though he was tired and annoyed that he was disturbed too early in the morning. "Well, I have a contract, an insurance contract that needs your attention. I wonder if you have the time to sign it today?" "What, is that really so urgent? Are you already at work, isn't this a bit too early? I'll be at your office in half an hour." Alex wasn't sure as to why he wanted to go to her office, but since he saw her yesterday he wanted to see the company she created. He got dressed, started a car and went straight to Delicious. Amy was in the kitchen making some pastry when she heard the bell.

"Good morning Mr. Smith. I apologize, I wasn't aware it was too early in the morning and that I shouldn't have called." Alex felt more relaxed than yesterday. "What is done is done. What can I do for you?" He looked around, indeed, the kitchen was extremely clean, he noticed that something is missing, her ovens were not the last generation. He decided he will help her. She offered him a warm roll and a cup of coffee. He was amused by her behavior, "she must feel a certain urge to feed me, she brought a lot of food yesterday as well". He took everything and muttered a barely distinguishable "thank you". Amy led him to her office. He found it was a rather small but pleasant room, decorated mostly with family pictures. "So, can I have the contract"? "Sure, I hope you realize that I have to protect my firm as well". Alexander read what was written on the paper and agreed with everything. "She is smart, but she could have asked for more money in case of cancellation, " Alex thought. "Sure, I find it acceptable. In case something is sent here from NAS, it is your duty to accept it, no questions asked. Also, you will work with mu secretary only, no other person except Connor, Thes and I are to be contacted, in case you need something you can always call me."

"Yes, Mr. Smith." He seemed friendlier than yesterday or was it only that she was in a better mood. "I am not that older than you, I think we can agree that addressing me Mr. Smith sounds strange. Call me Alexander." "Yes, Mr. Smith". They both laughed. After Alex was finished with his breakfast he remembered there was something he wanted to talk about to Amy. "We need to have a press conference and announce that we are working together, it will be good for your business." "Sure, when"? "I'll call you."

Being the usual busy self, Alexander headed towards the NAS. Amy was surprised that he was rather relaxed today. The man she met yesterday was very proud, disrespectful and looked down on her. She tried to fool herself that she doesn't care about how good-looking he is, but it was easy to notice it wasn't true. Every time their eyes met Amy felt the butterflies dancing in her stomach. Owen and Mila came and noticed that there were two coffee cups on the table. "Did you have someone over here so early in the morning" Mila questioned. "Yes, the boss was here, he signed the insurance and said we need to have a press release". "Oh, so he agreed to the terms, nice" Owen was content. It wasn't easy to convince a rich billionaire to sign such a contract. "Owen, there is a small office for you. I hope you don't mind, you can have mine otherwise." "Oh, sis, you know I don't care about that." When the staff arrived, they were informed about the changes in the company. Everybody was pleased to hear that they can keep their jobs. Several minor orders arrived, and Amy went to the kitchen, she decided she wants to cook today.

Alexander called a supplier and ordered two new ovens, some other instruments that he believed Amy will find useful. Connor came in rather hurriedly "listen, Julian, called. He wanted to speak to you. We have the press release today, you know about the software. And we need to introduce Amy to the Lux's chefs, let's see how that goes." "Oh, I will call Julian myself. As for the introduction, I believe Thes could do it. What's your take on it?" "Sure, I agree. Let's tell her." Alexander called Thes who had a lot of work to do and was rather annoyed by the constant needs of her boss. "What can I do for you?" "The woman that was here yesterday, Amy, is the CEO of Delicious. She is going to cater to our events at Lux. You need to introduce her to our chef at Lux, they need to agree on all terms of their cooperation. Can you do that?" Thes knew that Alexander wasn't really asking. "Sure, I can do that. Is Miss Amy aware that she should meet Filipo?" Filipo Alberti was a famous Italian chef, the main chef at the newest Lux hotel. He was an esteemed professional, and not easy to work with, that was the opinion of most of his employees. "You can inform her Thes. That would be all." Thes dialed the number, she contemplated the prospects of these two companies working together. "Why would the boss be so interested in working with Delicious? It is a rather unknown company, and there are plenty of famous chefs who could work for Lux. Strange…"

Amy's phone rang, the number on the screen was unknown to her, as usually she was excited about the possibility of a potential client ringing, and as usual, she was wrong. "Hello, this is Thes, the secretary of NAS, I would like to speak to Amy Roberts please." Amy was slightly disappointed by the fact that it was Thes who called her and not Alexander himself. "He is busy, I should get used to speaking to his employees." "Hi, this is Amy. What can I do for you?" "Oh, hi, well the boss wants me to introduce you to the lux's main chef, Filipo Alberti. We could go

if I want. You are working for me, and I am the one choosing the people who you are going to work with. Did I make myself clear?" Amy run to the bus stop, and Alexander returned to the table. "I am sorry mate. I really had no idea who she is. But she is the girl from the club, right?" "It is not your fault, I should have told you. Yes, I was as surprised as you are, or perhaps even more." "I take it you are not on her list of favorites now" Connor added. "Me and you both. But I will fix that." Julian smiled, he wondered why Alex was trying so hard. "Oh, I see, you like her. But you spent a night together, right?" "Are you stupid, yes, we did, and she left before I woke up, so I never had the chance to ask her who she is and what she does for a living. Imagine how I felt when I saw her standing in the conference room." "But do you like her" Julian insisted. "I don't know, I know I get mad when she tries to defy me, and it never ends well. She said she wants to work with whomever except for me and Connor." Julian was genuinely entertained by everything that just happened. The men finished their meal and went back to work.

Back at Delicious Mila received everything Alexander ordered, she was startled by this gesture. "Maybe he isn't so bad after all". She called Amy to let her know "Babe, we received two brand new ovens and a lot of things. The signature on them is the NAS company. What do you want me to do with these?" Amy was startled, "if this is his way of apologizing, he should learn that I can't be bought" she was furious. "Nothing return everything to the owner, I will fix this right now." Mila was surprised but decided to do as she was told. Amy took a taxi to the NAS, she went straight to Thes' desk "Hi Thes, is the CEO inside"? "Yes, but I have to ask him if he is available". Before Thes could finish the sentence, Amy was already inside Alex's office. He did not expect her and was reading their contract to prepare for the press release. "Everything you sent at Delicious will be returned to you. I don't need anything from you." He was entertained by Amy's temper. "Sure, but you forgot about the contract. And besides, I want you to be able to work, that means you need to have everything a proper kitchen needs." "You mean to say I don't have a proper kitchen?" "Here, read the statement for tomorrow." He noticed that Amy was crying. She tried desperately to hold her tears, but she was under so much pressure, and with what she discovered today, it was difficult to be unaffected by his presence. He took a glass of water and offered it to Amy. She took a sip, and calmly said, "This may be a joke to you. But with everything that happened between us, I find it really difficult to be near you. And I don't mean the sex, but you trying to bring down Delicious, and me being forced to be here, it is not good. If you really feel as bad as you do, after the press conference, let me work with Thes. At least for some time, please." Alexander noticed just how much Delicious means to Amy, he would probably feel the same way had somebody tired to do the same with NAS. "If that is what you really want, I will try not to appear too much from now on. But you should take and use the things I sent you, starting tomorrow there are some seriously big orders on the way. Filipo is a professional, and you will need the things I ordered." Alex gave up, he liked her, but he also knew that at this point it was too much to try and smooth things up with an apology only. Amy told Mila to keep the things Alexander bought for them. She was sad and nervous. When she asked Alexander to work with somebody else she didn't really think he will agree to it. She then went to the hospital to visit her father and home to check on her mother. She decided not to tell Mila and Owen that it was the NAS who started everything in the first place.

Alexander went home to have dinner with his family as well. Nathan and Anna noticed that he was worried about something." Son is everything well at work?" "Yes dad, everything is great at work, " Luna announced that she found a job, and she seemed rather enthusiastic about it. Alex couldn't stop thinking about Amy. "What is wrong with you? You are not your usual self, brother." "I am tired. I am going to sleep. Thanks for dinner."

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