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   Chapter 21 Past

THE IMMORTALS By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3466

Updated: 2020-01-11 01:57

Kat's p.o.v

I wasted no time in packing my clothes and things, lewis was standing near the door trying to understand why the hell i was panicking.

"Babe it's just your parents" he said lowly.

"No, not parent's, more like monsters" i said loudly.

"Kat they are your biological parents right? What could be so bad about them?" He asked loudly.

I stopped packing and looked at him.

"They are monsters, you just don't understand" i said trying to keep my fear out of my voice.

He moved closer and slowly sat on the bed.

"I'm your mate so try and make me understand what we are up against" he said lowly as he took my hands in his.

I breathed out lowly, he was my man after all, he needed to know.

"Our mother is an elderly ancient half witch lycan, while our father is one of the first strongest hybrid, you see will and Ron are biological siblings while i was adopted, ever since we were young mother and father taught us how to hunt and kill animals, at first it was fun and nice until we reached the age of 14,

ought my father was a monster, but your parents are the worst, so what will you do?" He asked lowly.

"We pack and go back, there we will decide our next move, I think the best choice is to run" i said sadly.

"You can't run, this time things are different, you have mates, families and a pack, you can't just up and run leaving them behind, kat we can all fight them together" he said seriously.

I pulled him closer and hugged him, if only he knew that no one was a match for them, it took the tree of us to destroy three different packs while it took one of them to destroy three different parks in minutes, they were beyond us, if we had to face them, death was our only way out.

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