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   Chapter 20 Emergency

THE IMMORTALS By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3012

Updated: 2019-10-09 09:23

Katrina's p.o.v

This vacation was everything to me, i got to chat with Lewis, cook for him, peep on him when he took a bath, you can't blame a lady for wanting to see what kind of package her man had, surprisingly Lewis was well built and big down there, i always thought he had a weak body seeing how his father mistreated him and he was blind, so imagine the shock i was in when i discovered he had the whole delicious package i drooled over in my mind.

I was sitting outside on a swing near the house i rented, Lewis was inside asleep and resting, it had only been a week since i left will and Ron to enjoy their own life, i and Lewis were taking things slow although that wasn't my style, i was afraid of rushing things, i knew he felt the same way i did, i mean being in the same house and sharing the same bed with the person you love and are attracted to without touching them is pure tortur

we will i promise, i too want us to spend quality time together, i really do and i don't want us to go back because i miss Leah or that I'm sick, Ron called he really wants us back" he said as i faced him.

"Ron called? What could be the emergency that he want us to go back for? I'm sure its really simple, is it Rouge's?" i asked with a smile.

"That's what i thought too, he said i should tell you, your parents are back" he answered as i felt a cold shiver go around my body.

"Kat, its just your parents" he said.

"Oh fuck, we are dead" i whispered in fear.

The monsters were back.

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