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   Chapter 1274 Seek Help From Glutton

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Just when Dudley was about to reach Rocky to kill him, the tower under his feet suddenly shook violently as if it were about to collapse. He sensed that an extraordinarily strong aura emanated from Rocky. Then, he saw that Rocky's formidable spiritual power rushed out of his body, and a black fog rose continuously all over his body.

Rocky's aura, which was originally at the ninth grade of the Divine Stage, suddenly intensified and reached the Immortal Stage at such an amazing speed.

Seeing that Rocky broke through the limit of the Divine Stage and reached the Immortal Stage after lifting the state of Spirit Possession, Dudley was extremely shocked.

Rocky suddenly roared and snapped his eyes wide. The Evil Flame around his body suddenly surged into the sky like a raging wave, turning into a wide light column.

All the spirit manipulators and spiritual race members were stunned to see this.

"He has reached the Immortal Stage! How did he even manage to break through to the stage at this critical time?" All the spirit manipulators in the treasure hunting teams looked at each other in shock. However, they were also very envious because breaking through to such stage was simply an unreachable dream for most of the spirit manipulators.

"I didn't expect that Basil would suddenly reach the Immortal Stage especially at this time..." When they saw this, Marcia and the others were also taken aback. They believed that Rocky would be the only one who could achieve a thing like this.

Dudley's expression changed dramatically. He had never expected that Rocky would suddenly display a new astonishing power. Now he looked at his opponent as if he were a monster instead of a human.

But Dudley suddenly turned around and dashed directly towards the hammer-shaped spiritual treasure.

However, Rocky reappeared in front of him like a ghost, completely blocking in his way.

Then, several spirit manipulators at the Immortal Stage and masters at the Divine Stage, led by the old man in the purple robe, had also reached the tower.

Rocky suddenly gathered his spiritual energy and opened his Magic Spiritual Space. Then, a figure came out from the space at an astonishing speed.

"Stop them for me immedia

anwhile, the hammer-shaped spiritual treasure was still floating in mid-air. Seawater kept flowing into the ruins and the sinking speed seemed to have increased a lot.

"Damn it!" Dudley glared at the giant creature. If it were not for the giant creature, he might have obtained the spiritual treasure already.

"What kind of monster is this? This is totally unbelievable. It is incredibly powerful..." The old man in purple was obviously terrified of it.

"No matter what that monster is, the most important thing is to get the spiritual treasure," another spirit manipulator at the Immortal Stage near the old man in purple firmly said.

All the spirit manipulators at the Immortal Stage and the Divine Stage, including Dudley, employed their skills and charged towards the hammer-shaped spiritual treasure.

Rocky's face immediately darkened when he saw this. If the giant creature had not suddenly appeared, he might have been able to guard the hammer-shaped spiritual treasure. The current situation was rather disadvantageous for him.

However, there was no time for him to hesitate or think. Even if he couldn't guard the spiritual treasure, he wouldn't let Dudley and the others get it.

"Glutton, turn into your original form at once and help me block them!" Rocky anxiously shouted at Glutton, who had been watching and floating in the air.

"Then you'd better hold on, brat," Glutton said with a laugh. The next moment, his whole body was covered in shining light.

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