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   Chapter 1273 The Melee Escalated

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Seeing Dudley's transformation, Uriah immediately lunged forward. It flew into the air to resist the arms of the demonic shadow that came down on Rocky.

Boom! Boom! Boom! In a blink of an eye, Uriah clashed with the demonic shadow head-on and withstood its attacks.

When Dudley saw that Uriah was able to withstand his attacks, his face immediately turned red with anger. Then he continued to launch more violent attacks. Uriah tried its best to resist the endless attacks from Dudley. Although it was losing ground, it showed no fear and displayed its powerful physical strength.

"Demonic Wild Shadow!" Dudley shouted and punched Uriah again. He was close to becoming ballistic because of Uriah’s defense. Suddenly, the demonic shadow behind him turned into a ball of demonic light and flew out of his body, directly charging at Uriah aggressively.


With a crashing sound, the demonic light shone brightly as it hit Uriah's body. At the same time, Uriah's flame also rose abruptly into the sky. The two powerful forces were instantly locked in a fierce stalemate up in the air.

"Ghost-head Sea Lion!" Dudley shouted and suddenly opened his Magic Spiritual Space. Then, a huge beast shadow that looked like a ghost rushed out of the Magic Spiritual Space and directly charged toward Uriah who was resisting the attack of the demonic light.

Uriah didn't have enough time to dodge and was thrown right into the air. The two beasts directly fell from the tower. The tower was extremely high from the ground, so the two beasts stirred up dust after they fell on the ground.

"No, Uriah..." Rocky's eyes narrowed into slits. He didn't expect that Dudley could separate him and Uriah by any means.

A sinister smile appeared on Dudley's face and another astonishing demonic shadow appeared behind him. In the blink of an eye, the shadow approached Rocky.

However, to his surprise, Rocky didn't dodge at all. Instead, he just seriously looked at Dudley as the demonic shadow approached.

"Nine Demonic Light Explosions!" Seeing that Rocky didn't avoid the attack, Dudley immediately showed a smug smile. The demonic shadow behind him rushed out and instantly shrouded Rocky.

The demonic shadow exploded with Rocky at the center and shrouded the area around the top of the tow

t Possession had almost reached its limit. Despite that, he still blocked Dudley, preventing him from approaching the hammer-shaped spiritual treasure.

Dudley's face had already turned deep scarlet with anger.

"Brat, I have to say you really have a will made of steel!" Dudley said viciously and immediately charged at Rocky again.

Seeing that Dudley was rushing at him again, Rocky realized that he had to go all out since the Spirit Possession was about to reach its limit. He disengaged the Spirit Possession then he took out the Mysterious Spirit Pill from his pocket. Kayla had refined the pill to help him break through to the Immortal Stage.

He opened his mouth and swallowed the pill. Then, he instantly released the evil power sealed in the seventh layer of the spiritual soul container, which he had not merged with yet. In the blink of an eye, the crazy evil spiritual power immediately flowed through his body. His already fragile body greatly suffered from the impact caused by the spiritual power.

Although it was extremely dangerous to release the evil spiritual power in the spiritual soul container at that time, only the evil spiritual power in the container could refine the Mysterious Spirit Pill.

As the evil spiritual power was activated, the Mysterious Spirit Pill began to take effect. It flashed a purple and white light in Rocky's body, and the powerful spiritual power hidden in the pill instantly spread all over his body.

At the very moment, Dudley was only one step away from Rocky.

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