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   Chapter 1272 The Demonic Super Body

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

The light of the fist shadows instantly hit the spiritual shield. It completely exploded and shook the shield. Under its great impact, the shield immediately became weak. Soon enough, the spiritual shield was broken, so Rocky was forced to take a few steps back.

"He is really powerful indeed," Rocky muttered to himself. His face changed slightly when he saw the fierce attack from Dudley.

Dudley took a deep breath as if what he had done was just a warm-up. He clenched his fist and then one of his arms suddenly became dark scarlet in color. His arm looked like it was burning with heat as if it contained immense power.

'He has used the spiritual power to accelerate the blood circulation of his arm. With that, the muscles will be more active, and he can push his body’s power to the limit,' Rocky thought as he looked at Dudley's arm. Seeing that Dudley used his spiritual power to activate his body and make his arm unleash more power, Rocky knew that the opponent he faced this time was indeed a powerful one!

After Dudley strengthened his arm, he waved his fist in the air. An astonishing spiritual power came out of his fist immediately. It was like a giant hand covering the sky, directly sweeping over Rocky with overwhelming momentum.

Seeing the powerful punch was coming directly at him in the form of spiritual power, Rocky narrowed his eyes and once again used the Hexagonal Netting Dragon Ring to conjure the spiritual shield to resist the attack. However, the spiritual shield was easily penetrated after the astonishing spiritual power hit it. Then, the spiritual power sped up and directly hit Rocky's body.

Although Rocky had the spiritual power to protect his body, he still spat out a mouthful of blood under the strong impact of the attack. This blow had definitely taken him by surprise.

Seeing that Rocky was injured, Dudley showed a look of disdain. He felt that Rocky was weaker than he had expected because he could not even resist his strike.

However, after Rocky took a few steps back, a menacing smile appeared on his face.

Dudley showed a strange expression when he saw Rocky’s reaction. It was clear that Rocky was injured, but he was still so calm like nothing happened. His courage w

spiritual race's guardian beast. If it were not restricted by its master's own strength, it might be even more powerful than it was now.

"You’re a really troublesome brat!" Dudley became a little worried when Rocky had not only activated the Spirit Possession but also summoned Uriah which was not an ordinary beast. Besides that, he also noticed that seven or eight light shadows were approaching.

"Brat, just get out of the way if you don’t want to end up dead," Dudley threatened as he angrily stared at Rocky. The hammer-shaped spiritual treasure was not far away from him, but he couldn't get it because Rocky was standing in his way.

"Cut the crap. If you want to get the spiritual treasure, you have to defeat me first..." Rocky's aura soared as he and Uriah guarded the hammer-shaped spiritual treasure behind them. They stood there assertively as if they would tear anyone who approached it.

"Fine, I'll take your life!" Dudley took a deep breath and then widened his eyes. Blood streaks covered his entire body, and his whole body turned red as if he was burned by fire. The powerful aura of the Immortal Stage began to rampage around him like a storm.

Rocky just stood still while he stared at Dudley whose aura became violent.

"Demonic Super Body!" Dudley shouted. The next moment, spiritual light glowed all over his body. A ray of light suddenly expanded from his body and finally formed a giant demonic shadow. Then, he waved his arms like pillars towards Rocky to chop him.

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